For over 35 years, SISU has delivered high-quality, effective products, allowing Canadians and people all over the world to achieve better health, happiness and productivity. 

The brand’s line of innovative health products are made with natural ingredients and an acute environmental awareness, helping you protect your health while taking care of the environment. With unique, non-GMO formulations and 100% recyclable bottles, SISU helps your mind and body work in harmony while also preserving the planet’s resources.

Choose from a wide range of dairy-free, gluten-free and non-GMO SISU products and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $59.

“Sisu” is a Finnish word with no direct translation to English, but it embodies the sentiments of inner strength, integrity and perseverance. It takes inner strength to achieve balance, but it’s essential to maintaining a happy and fulfilling life. That’s why all SISU vitamins and supplements are designed to give your body the additional support it needs to achieve perfect equilibrium.

SISU believes that life is all about balance, and we agree! Managing a busy schedule and taking care of your health can be a difficult task, one that many people struggle with every day. 

The patented SISU Ester-C® formulation can be found in several of their products, from their chewable Ester-C for Kids vitamins to their Ester-C Energy Boost vitamin drink. Its potent mix provides effective delivery of vitamin C, helping you achieve total wellness of the body, mind and spirit.

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