About Us

For as long as I can remember I have always loved business and appreciated amazing customer service. I was that little boy selling hockey cards on the street corner or begging my mom to take me to Costco so I could buy a tub of 5 cent candies to sell at garage sales in my neighbourhood.

While I played sports my whole life it wasn't until my later teen years that healthy eating, exercise and supplements became a part of my life. It was all so new and exciting. I remember going into my first health store and buying my first protein powder. I was hooked!

As high school ended and College began I debated what was next for me. The internet was gaining in popularity and I had been experimenting with ordering online from various websites, including a couple health stores that had physical locations. The genius, power and potential of the internet instantly attracted me.

While I loved the convenience and value of buying my health products online I was constantly disappointed with the experience these stores were providing. Slow shipping, no personalization, poorly designed websites….These were just online stores put up as an afterthought to their brick and mortar operations and I didn’t feel any true sense of passion behind them.

Supported by family, friends and my meagre life savings I took the leap and had a company create the first version of the site that eventually lead to what we call Vitamart.ca today.

Now that I have kids and a family of my own, the health and wellbeing of those that I care about have never been more important. It is that same passion for health that we bring to our entire Vitamart Family.

Getting to help our Vitamart Family with their health and wellness goals is something I take very seriously and it is this along with providing world-leading customer service that fuels us to passionately provide the Vitamart.ca 10/10 Customer Experience.

Thanks for letting us guide you on your health journey!
Yours in health,
Mark Holowaychuk
Founder, Vitamart.ca

Back in 2005 Mark was working at a local Edmonton gym and had been completely fed up with his local health stores. He couldn’t seem to find the right combination of service, price and overall value online or offline. That is when Mark decided that he could create a better health store for Canadians based online and with levels of personalized customer service never before seen. On August 18, 2005 BuffMusclestuff.com sports nutrition store was born!

Sales at BuffMuscleStuff.com started off slow but were steady from the get-go as once a customer shopped with us they often became repeat customers. As the website traffic grew, so did a desire to change the name to something more universally friendly. BuffMuscleStuff.com was great, but it catered more to the Bodybuilding and Fitness crowd and Mark’s focus was changing from not only athletic performance and aesthetics to preventing disease, feeling great and improving his overall health. After some searching, the website changed its name to LivePureHealth.ca in 2008.

Instantly LivePureHealth.ca appealed to a wider group of people and sales expanded likewise. With more revenue Mark was able to create a new updated website with a much cleaner and professional look.

While Mark really liked the name LivePureHealth.ca he found that many people were mispronouncing it. Calling it Live Pure (as in Live Music) or Pure Health....etc. In Mark’s mind to be the global leader in health supplement retailing you need a name that is short, easy to spell and easy to remember. With MUCH searching, negotiating and a little luck the name Vitamart was secured and Vitamart.ca launched almost 5 years to the day of BuffMuscleStuff.com on August 6, 2010.

Since the launch of Vitamart.ca, we have continued to excel and grow to be Canada’s leading online health store and even though we have gotten significantly bigger since our BuffMuscleStuff.com days we are still more than ever focused on servering our Vitamart Family.

Vision: To be the most passionate, personalized and customer service-driven health retailer in the world.

Mission: To serve and support the Vitamart Family in their health and fitness goals through natural health products while fulfilling our 5-Star Customer Experience Guarantee.

Basically, we want to make you Healthy and Happy :)

5-Star Customer Experience
We aim to provide such amazing customer service that anyone who shops with us can’t help tell their family, friends, co-workers, even their mailman that Vitamart.ca is the best place to buy health products.

Providing the best quality health and wellness products.
We always like to recommend products that adhere to as many of these characteristics as possible: natural, organic, and non-gmo.

Be resourceful
Doing more while using less along with being frugal and reducing excess are ways we maximize value and act resourceful.

Create Leaders
Everyone at Vitamart is a leader. Our leaders are humble and take pride in their role without ego with a great attitude. We are accountable for our actions.

Inspire Others to Take Action
We want our Vitamart Family to have the best in life and strive to educate and support in any area we can help deliver your desired results.

Being Polite and Respectful
We treat others in a polite manner and always with respect. No exceptions.

Working Hard & Smart
We pride ourselves on not only outworking our competitors, but also on being more effective to achieve the desired results.

Advocate Growth & Propel Change
We are very satisfied with what we have accomplished. Sure we take pride in the results we achieve, but we are constantly innovating and improving. Constantly.

Positive Culture & Family Spirit
Enjoying what you do has a lot to do with the people around you. Family’s look out for one another and work as a team. We take great satisfaction in nurturing a positive family spirit.

Adding Value
Whatever we touch, we want it to be better than when we left it. If it is something we focus on almost more than anything else it is adding value.