Problem with an Order

Despite our best efforts, sometimes there are issues that occur with an order such as an incorrect order, expired products or something was damaged during shipping.  If there is ever anything wrong with any of the products you receive, please let us know right away, as your experience as our customer is our first priority and we will do everything we can to make it right! 

Something wrong? We will take care of it right away! Look below for some quick answers.

Want to cancel or adjust an already placed order that hasn’t shipped yet? Click Here

Did you receive a damaged or expired product? Please CONTACT US here. We will sort out both issues right away.

Did we forget something in your order? Please double check your invoice to ensure it was on there and CONTACT US.

Wondering where your order is? Feel it should have arrived by now? Verify the tracking information on and if it says it has been delivered to your address and 2 days since have already passed please CONTACT US.