If you have specific questions about a product, please be sure to check the product page first, we try to make sure we have as much information as we can about our products listed on our website.  Nutritional information, ingredient lists, dosage recommendations, and allergy warnings can all be found on the product page.

With regard to allergy warnings, please be sure to check the symbols listed on the top of each product page, near the name of the product.  We have done our best to include all of the major allergy warning symbols as well as some dietary preferences eg. Vegetarian products.

If you still are not able to find the answer to your question, we would be happy to help!  If we don’t know the answer, in most cases we know someone amazing within the industry who will! Click here to CONTACT US

We love hearing about new products and if there is a product you love and currently buy within Canada we want to know about it. To suggest a new product for click here.

**Our sample program is currently on hold. This is something we plan to re-launch in the future.**

Sample options are sometimes limited as most companies don’t make samples for their products year round and if they do they make such a limited supply that we only get a small handful which are gone in a couple days. Please be patient with us if the samples you want aren’t available each time you order. We will continue to work hard for you to get as many different ones as possible.

We are shoppers just like you and always want to ensure the best value for your money. Our prices are very competitive with all other health stores in Canada. Where we really shine is our service. We offer the fastest free shipping on orders $59+, best responses via phone/email and our famous 5-Star Experience Guarantee. When combined with a great price we feel this makes us the ideal choice when purchasing health products. Just slightly partial ;)

Every individual product page as a “find a lower price in Canada” link on it. If you shopped at another Canadian store and saw any product we also sell at a lower price please click here to let us know!

This is a toughie. Depends on the price and the store. Most Canadian online stores are not active stores and there is no guarantee they even have the inventory if you were to buy from them. Whole prices of products change regularly and inactive stores might not be up to date with the latest prices increases. There are a small handful of legitimate websites and for the most part our prices are very competitive with all of them, often lower than many of them. If there ever was a price of ours that was off we would most certainly take a look at it and most often we can match it and even adjust our every day price going forward.

We feel that overall we offer the best shopping experience (price + service + shipping time) and it is by our 5-Star Customer Experience Guarantee that we hang our hat on, which isn't always realized by the product price alone.

While offering very competitive prices is a very important aspect of our offering, it definitely isn't the only part of the overall value we provide.  While other stores can sometimes offer a better price on certain products, they can never deliver a better overall value or shopping experience than

Here is what you get when you shop with us that you typically don't get any other health stores: Code of Honour

  • 90-Day Risk Free Shopping Guarantee. We guarantee our products that if you aren't completely thrilled with the quality of the products, for whatever reason, return whatever you have left within 90 days for a full refund or product credit
  • We guarantee our delivery that if you do not receive your package within 10 business days we will make it up to you for the delay* (Online US stores typically take 3-4 weeks to get you your products) 
  • 5-Star Customer Experience Guarantee. We guarantee our customer service will be a 5-Star Experience and that if you aren't completely thrilled with our customer service in any way, let us know and we will make it right. 
  • Bonus Guarantee: We also guarantee that there will never be any customs delays, brokerage fees, handling charges, border mix-ups or additional customs fees at our store EVER!

While some US online stores do have some better prices on American made products, we feel that no store treats you better than us and values your business more than us. 

If a product is every out of stock please click the orange button titled "Notify me when it's back in stock" on any product page that is temporarily out of stock. When the product arrives back in our warehouse you will instantly be emailed.

For orders shipped within Canada sales tax is calculated based on the shipping address of your order. Orders shipped to the US have no Canadian sales tax. 

Canada is unique in that all health products sold in Canadian health stores require what is called a Natural Product Number or NPN. An NPN basically a license anyone who wants to manufacture or distribute health products in Canada must obtain to legally sell their products in our country.

Below are a few reasons why health products are sold in the US, but not in Canada:

1. The brand may not have chosen to pay for a NPN for that specific product

2. The brand may simply not wish to sell their products in Canada as the Canadian market is so small compared to the US market

3. The ingredients in the product might not be approved by Health Canada

4. Health Canada might not have given the brand a NPN even though the ingredients are allowed in Canada

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