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Vitamart Lists - All About Vitamart's New List Feature

Vitamart Lists Feature

We are always listening to our customer feedback and are excited to announce we are bringing back what was previously known as "My Favourites", but upgraded to elevate your shopping experience!

Welcome to Vitamart Lists; the easiest way to create multiple lists and save time re-ordering your favourite products.


What is Vitamart Lists?

Vitamart Lists is a wishlist building feature that will allow you to easily create one or many lists to make shopping easier and quicker than ever.


What are some of the features of Vitamart Lists?

Multiple Lists

Organize your favourite products into multiple lists. When items are added to a list you can choose which list to add it to or have the option to create a new list.

Quick Reorder

Add items from your list to your cart in one click.

Share Lists

Share your list with friends, family and clients, either through email or social media.

Save For Later

Move products you aren’t planning to purchase immediately directly from your Cart to a Save for Later list.

Price Drop or Low in Stock Notifications

Get notified if an item on your list decreases in price or inventory gets low


What are the benefits of Vitamart Lists?

  • Save Time
  • No more spending time searching for your favourite products. They can easily live on one or multiple lists.
  • Save Money
  • Get notified when items in your list drop in price


When does Vitamart Lists launch?

June 12, 2024


How does Vitamart Lists work?

  1. Find a product to add to your list.
  2. Select an existing list or create a new one.
  3. One-click add to cart from any list.
  4. (Optional) Share your list with friends, family or clients


How can I add items my list?

  1. Hearts on the collection pages
  2. “Add to list” buttons on the product details pages

How can I view my Vitamart Lists?

  1. Top navigation bar link “My Lists”
  2. In the “My Account” area


Do I need to be logged in to create a list?

No. While not all features will work as a guest, you can create and build multiple lists that will stay with you.