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    Life Choice DMSO Gel, 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade, 100g

    Life Choice DMSO Gel, 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade, 100g

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      Life Choice DMSO Gel, 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade, 100g

      Life Choice DMSO Gel, 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade, 100g

      :by Life Choice

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      Life Choice DMSO Gel Details

      • Helps temporarily reduce pain of large joints such as post traumatic soft tissue injuries, acute bursitis, strains and sprains
      • Alleviates Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)
      • Strengthens the immune system
      • Powerful detoxification
      • 100% Pure Pharmaceutical grade
      • Non-GMO

      Important Points about DMSO:

      • DMSO is a very temperature sensitive product.
      • Liquid DMSO can and will crystallize in a cold environment. If this occurs, place or keep the DMSO bottle in a warm location (15°C – 20°C), and within a few hours it should go back to liquid form. For faster results, place the bottle in a clean zip lock bag, seal it, and place it in warm water. Under any circumstances, do not microwave it!
      • When using DMSO, always make sure to have clean hands and skin. DMSO is a powerful pain reliever and transporter. If you have dirt or anything else on your hands and /or skin, DMSO will take it down to your deep tissue, as far as to the seventh layer into the dermis, and it can cause irritation or discomfort.
      • If using DMSO after a shower, it is recommended to wait 30 minutes to an hour, as the pores in the body are wide open and too much DMSO can be absorbed by the body, causing irritation or discomfort. Also, do not cover areas where DMSO is applied; it should be allowed to air dry.
      • When starting a DMSO regimen, we recommend starting with a small amount and gradually increasing the dosage, as the product is very strong. If the DMSO is still too strong, we recommend mixing it with other topical products at a 50:50 ratio to reduce the product strength; we recommend our Recovery H Cream or Sweet Relief Cream.
      • DMSO has a strong sulfur and garlic odor. When applied, you may experience a garlic taste in your mouth. This is a normal occurrence.
      • DMSO products are packaged in glass containers, which eliminates all possibilities of chemical leeching.
      • At this time, Life Choice® is the only company in North America with a legal license to sell medicinal grade DMSO products.

      DMSO has many uses, but it is known mostly as a natural pain killer and transporter. First synthesized in 1866, DMSO is a sulfur-containing organic compound that is derived from MSM, and can be used internally or externally. DMSO can aid injuries such as sprained ankles, sore muscles and joints, and even fractures. The process starts when DMSO enters the bloodstream by osmosis through capillary walls. Then, DMSO is distributed throughout the circulatory system.

      DMSO has also been found to be a great product for Reflex Sympathetic dystrophy (RSD). A 2001 clinical study conducted in the Netherlands compared DMSO with NAC (n-acetyl-l-cysteine) for the treatment of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). The study was randomized, double-dummy controlled, and double-blind. For 17 weeks, 146 patients received treatment, with the option to continue or switch medication up to one year after beginning treatment. The study found that DMSO 50% showed more overall improvement, especially for patients with lower extremity CRPS and warm CRPS I.

      DMSO also promotes immune system activity and can help in bodily detoxification. Historically, DMSO has also helped conditions such as neurological damage, arthritis, back problems, keloids, acne, burns, musculoskeletal problems, sinusitis, headaches, skin ulcers, herpes, and cataracts. Topical application has been associated with redness and inflammation of skin, and a garlic-like taste and odor on the breath have been reported.

      Adults-Apply Life Choice DMSO Gel to affected area as needed. To help temporarily reduce the pain associated with musculoskeletal conditions. Apply 8-12 ml to affected area 3 times a day as needed. Best used sparingly, or as directed by your health care practitioner.

      Nutrition Facts / Valeur nutritive

      Ingredient Facts
      DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide 99.9%) 90%, Aloe (organic aloe vera leaf gel)10%, Panthenol B-5, Carbomer.

      Allergy Information: Contains no wheat, corn, yeast, dairy, or any other filler.

      Warning: Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if symptoms persist and/or worsen. If skin irritation develops, discontinue use. If irritation persists, consult a health care practitioner. Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you have severe liver or kidney disease. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes; if this happens, rinse thoroughly with water. Make sure your hands and area of application are thoroughly cleansed before applying. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

      Life Choice DMSO Gel, 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Customer Reviews

      Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
      Based on 2 reviews
      2 reviews
      • GF
        Greg F.
        I recommend this product
        Rated 4 out of 5 stars
        3 years ago
        Great for inflammation pain on knees

        3 times a day reduces pain/swelling by atleast 75-8-%...if you put on too much it can irritate your skin (red rash)...there are times when it will sting/burn when you apply but rapidly soaks in and works

      • LM
        Lily-Ann M.
        I recommend this product
        Rated 4 out of 5 stars
        5 years ago
        DMSO Gel - Use It for Fast Relief

        DMSO transmits its healing constituents directly down to the actual muscle or ache (without having to go all through your body first), so it very quickly arrives at the problem area and begins working right away. This much is apparent because of a faint taste of garlic/sulphur you will notice on your tongue - that means it's at the site and is already working to oxygenate the area and bring healing there. Wonderful stuff on aches and pains of arthritis, or even from excessive activity. It also rapidly clears up bruising at an injury site, helping the swelling to subside and healing to begin. Only use on unbroken skin, though, and also, it's far better to use a lesser amount but more frequently, than to use gobs of it all at once (could irritate sensitive skin if you apply too much of it at once). Healing still takes time, but far less time than using other modalities. Also, I have found the Gel to be far more practical than the Liquid ... tends to stay where you put it, and not run.

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