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    Hammer Nutrition Whey Protein Bar

    Hammer Nutrition Whey Protein Bar


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      Hammer Nutrition Whey Protein Bar

      Hammer Nutrition Whey Protein Bar

      :by Hammer Nutrition

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      Hammer Nutrition Whey Protein Bar, Box of 12

      Athletic performance improvement depends on a program of exercise to stimulate muscular and cardiovascular adaptation followed by a recovery period in which the body rebuilds itself slightly more fit than before. Thus, the real gain of exercise occurs during recovery, but only in the presence of adequate rest and optimal nutritional support. The Hammer Protein Bar helps boost overall health and enhances recovery with nutrients, high-quality protein, and complex carbohydrates. In addition, it contains:

      • Generous amounts of fiber (5 grams)
      • Inulin fiber, a dietary fiber and a fructooligosaccharide (FOS) derived from chicory roots and other natural sources. Inulin fiber is considered to be a prebiotic, stimulating the growth of friendly, beneficial intestinal bacteria that supports good colon health. Because it also has a very low glycemic index, it is suitable for many people who are on restricted diets.
      • No refined sugar. The sugar content in the bars is from natural sources.
      • No trans fat.

      Whether as a solid-food recovery fuel, a second meal after your immediate post-workout/race bottle of Recoverite, or as an occasional snack to bolster your daily protein intake, the Hammer Protein Bar fits the bill perfectly. Each gluten-free, GMO-free, certified dairy kosher Hammer Recovery Bar is comprised of mostly organic ingredients, including ample amounts of carbohydrates, a whopping 11 grams of a cold-processed whey protein blend derived from grass-fed cows, and a substantial 5 grams of fiber. Best of all, the peanut butter-chocolate combination is addictively delicious!

      Use as a pre-exercise meal, post-workout/race recovery food, or healthy snack any time.

      Usage Instructions:
      Used occasionally during extended workouts and races, Hammer Bars are an ideal solid food choice, augmenting the other Hammer Nutrition fuels perfectly.

      Depending on the flavor, each Hammer Bar contains between 182-230 calories, 25-27 grams of carbohydrates (none from refined sugar), 4-10 grams of protein, and 7-11 grams of healthy fats. When a solid food choice is desired, Hammer Bar satisfies your hunger in ideal fashion without excess, empty calories.

      After workouts or races, if solid food is desired, or when the use of Recoverite is not practical, Hammer Bar is a superb post-workout/race food, providing high-quality carbohydrates and protein in an ideal 3:1 ratio.

      Nutrition Facts / Valeur nutritive


      Hammer Protein Bar
      Peanut Butter - Chocolate
      Nutrition Facts
      Serving Size: One bar (40g)
      Amount Per Serving
      Calories 170 Calories from Fat 70
      % Daily Value *
      Total Fat 8g 12%
      Saturated Fat 3.5g 18%
      Trans Fatty Acids 0g
      Cholesterol 10mg 3%
      Sodium 55mg 2%
      Total Carbohydrate 18g 6%
      Total Dietary Fiber 5g 20%
      Sugars 10g
      Protein 11g
      Vitamin A 0%
      Vitamin C 0%
      Calcium 4%
      Iron 10%
      *The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values maybe higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
      † Daily Value not established.

      Certified Organic Ingredients: Chocolate Coating (Chocolate Liquor, Evaporated Cane Juice, Cocoa Butter), Peanut Butter, Tapioca, Whey Concentrate, Milk Protein, Inulin Liquid, Pea Protein, Glycerin, NuVous, Vanilla Powder.

      CONTAINS PEANUTS AND MILK. Manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts, peanuts, seeds, soy, wheat and dairy (milk).

      Caution: May contain pieces of date pits, stems, nut shells, or seeds. Do not use if wrapper is tampered with or damaged.

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