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How to Get FREE Vitamins - All About Vitamart's New Referral Program

How to Get FREE Vitamins - All About Vitamart's New Referral Program

We are always listening to our customer feedback and are excited to announce our Referral Program! We are so thankful for all the referrals over the years and now there is a simple way to get free vitamins for those referrals.

What is the Vitamart Referral Program?

A program where you earn points for every new customer you refer to Vitamart which you can redeem for free vitamins and supplements.

How does the Vitamart Referral Program work?

For every new customer you refer, you earn 10,000 Vitaclub Reward Points. The new customer you refer receives $10 off their first order of $49+.

When does the Vitamart Referral Program launch?

July 11, 2024

How do I share my referral link with friends?

You can copy and paste your referral link or share your referral link via email. 

How does someone get the $10 coupon code when you refer them?

Click the referral link you were provided and wait for the "Your friend sent you a $10 coupon" pop-up. Enter your email address in the pop-up to get your coupon.

How do I get my points from referring a friend to Vitamart?

Once you friend clicks their referral link, enters their email to receive their coupon and purchases $49+ using the $10 off coupon, you will receive 10,000 Vitaclub Reward Points.

Can I refer someone who already has a Vitamart Account?

No, this is only applicable to new Vitamart customers who have never ordered before.

Can I put my code on coupon sites for more points?

No, your referral code is only meant to be sent to people you know. Spam emails or adding your code to coupon sites will result in being banned from our program.

What happens if the person I referred doesn't order $49+?

The referral will not count and you will not receive 10,000 points.

Can I be paid cash for my referrals?

No, only points are given for successful referrals.

What happens if my referral refunds their order?

The referral will no longer count and the 10,000 points will be removed from your account.




Vitamart Referral Program Disclaimer

The Vitamart Referral Program was created to reward our loyal Vitamart Family Members for their support, and is not to be misused, spammed or taken advantage of. Vitamart reserves the right to cancel any individual referral program account, or deny referral points for any reason.