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5 Reasons Endurance Supplements Are a Must For Endurance Athletes

5 Reasons Endurance Supplements Are a Must For Endurance Athletes

Performance Based on Science and Medicine

If you are hoping to improve your endurance for any number of tasks, whether it be training as an athlete, starting an endurance exercise program, or even making it through your busy work schedule, you absolutely need to use endurance supplements! To function on a daily basis, the body requires protein and carbohydrates to maintain optimal energy levels. Even more so, depleting essential minerals and salts from the body can easily occur, which is why your body requires endurance fuel to increase your performance for any number of exercise activities, especially as a runner, cyclist, or triathlete.

Increase your energy

Based on the digestive system of the body, endurance supplements work as the best form of fuel for the muscles and energy levels. If you are an athlete training for an endurance competition or race, your body needs endurance fuel to supplement your digestive system so that it works as little as possible during a game or race. This will stimulate protein synthesis so that blood is already pumped to the muscles as a result of the endurance supplement and does not remain in the digestive system.

Here are 5 reasons why endurance supplements are a must for endurance athletes:

  1. Endurance supplements offer whole body protein synthesis. As an athlete, your body is constantly breaking down protein for endurance. This protein synthesis is required by your entire body to regenerate organs and tissues, which is directly related to what we discussed above in that protein is necessary to relieve the digestive system during an endurance race or competition. This will enable protein to be pumped to all of your muscles so that they can perform optimally with endurance without having to worry about it being absorbed within the digestive system.

  2. Endurance supplements offer greater endurance energy. When it comes to endurance, carbohydrates can be used for shorter bursts, like sprinting. However, if you are hoping to have endurance in a longer distance endurance exercise, like a race or game, endurance supplements, like electrolyte pills and energy gels, can replenish your body with the essential minerals and salts that it needs to offer greater endurance and prevent a premature onset of fatigue.

  3. Protein enhances the effects of carbohydrates for endurance in athletes. Many athletes are under the impression that they need carbohydrates to provide endurance, but studies have shown in a group of cyclists that ingested carbohydrates and protein that the cyclists performed even better than those who just had carbohydrates. With protein added to the carbohydrates, cyclists were able to outperform by up to 40% longer by including protein instead of just ingesting carbohydrates for their endurance race.

  4. All athletes need endurance supplements to help bulk up their muscles. Endurance supplements are the top choice for all long-distance athletes, especially those in competition, like runners and cyclists. These endurance supplements will use the proper form of carbohydrates to provide stamina for long-duration races, as well as benefits in postworkout recovery. This combination of carbohydrates will give your body the fuel it needs to maintain stamina throughout a long competition, without the danger of your body feeding on its own muscle for fuel. This will allow you to preserve your existing lean muscle mass, while still performing to your best within a competition.

  5. Endurance supplements are safe for vegetarian athletes. Vegetarian athletes can still be quite successful, but they need to focus on their endurance source within an endurance supplement to promote lean muscle mass and muscle recovery. It is important to look for energy gels and electrolyte pills that will replenish any minerals and salts within the body lost in competition, which is often an even greater risk for a vegetarian athlete that may have a restricted diet. Furthermore, the vegetarian athlete can look for BCAAs within endurance supplements to promote muscle growth and repair any damaged muscle tissue for a minimal downtime and recovery.

What type of endurance supplement do you need?

Oftentimes, it is best for a long-distance athlete to use powdered endurance supplements since they are predigested. This allows athlete to quickly consume the supplement, so that the stomach does not have to pull blood away from the working muscles to digest. If an athlete were to rely upon another endurance source, like a bagel or other carbohydrate food, a serious amount of blood supply would be pulled from working muscles for digestion. This would cause a negative effect on the stamina and endurance of the athlete in competition.

Replenish your body's resources.

It is also important to choose an endurance supplement that is optimally formulated, containing ingredients that will work to buffer lactic acid, which can cause muscle cramping and soreness. This type of well-rounded endurance supplement can replenish the minerals and salts that the body has lost, which will significantly delay fatigue. Regardless of your long-distance sport, this is the extra edge you need to maintain stamina and beat your competition.
Use carbohydrates wisely.

Instead of just eating carbohydrates before a long-distance competition for the energy you are looking for, it is best to consume them in an endurance supplement. This gives you the opportunity to use healthy sources of carbohydrates as your foundation of energy, which will also work to repair and protect muscles after the competition or race. This will help you to vigilantly expend the energy necessary to complete your training or endurance competition without compromising the lean muscle mass that has already been formed.

Fuel your body and digestive system.

These endurance supplements will work as the basic form of fuel that your body needs to promote a healthy digestive system. This process of using a complete endurance supplement will help to stimulate blood flow within the muscles before competition to see the maximum benefits in endurance and long-distance training. Depending on your sport, you may need higher or lower levels of an endurance supplement to receive the maximum benefits in endurance as an athlete training long-distance or in competition.

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