5 Things You Should Look For When Buying Calcium

5 Things You Should Look For When Buying Calcium

If you are on the market for purchasing calcium, it is important to know what to look for, especially if you want the most bang for your buck in your calcium supplement! To begin with, here are the top 5 tips of what to look for in a calcium supplement:

  1. Buy from a reputable brand. If you are looking to find the best choice in a supplement, then it is important to buy from a brand that you can trust. Your calcium source truly makes a difference in providing enough calcium to benefit your body, which makes for strong bones and healthy teeth through the use of this mineral. This is a vital mineral for so many adults, especially women who need more calcium. Since calcium is not always easily absorbed within the diet, a supplement is necessary to give you a quality source of calcium - just make sure that you purchase from a brand that you can trust. One of the best ways to determine the right brand choice is by reading reviews from satisfied customers online.
  2. Look for calcium and magnesium in a calcium supplement. In a calcium supplement, it is important to determine the right ratio of calcium to magnesium, which should normally be 2 to 1. As an example, if your calcium supplement contains 700mg of calcium, then it should have 350 mg of magnesium. Calcium is highly necessary as a mineral for the function of the body, and magnesium is helpful when paired with calcium since it is often lacking in a balanced diet. If you are hoping to supplement calcium and magnesium, especially as a vegetarian, a supplement that also contains a higher ratio of magnesium will be what you're looking for.
  3. Check for vitamin D within your calcium supplement. Calcium is actually quite difficult to absorb by the body, which is why it is recommended in supplement form. When vitamin D is added to a calcium supplement, it makes it easier for the body to absorb the calcium. You may have already noticed that many milks on the market are fortified with vitamin D because it aids in the absorption of calcium. In the same way, using vitamin D within a supplement will help the body to more readily absorb the calcium, which will protect the function of your metabolism and keep your bones healthy and strong. This is often something recommended for people who have a very stressful lifestyle, since it can deplete calcium from the bones. If you experience a high amount of stress in your life, then look for a supplement that is fortified with vitamin D to help aid in calcium absorption. This will ensure the return of calcium to the body to balance the diet and protect the health of the bones.
  4. Look for a blend of calcium sources. It is best to have a blend of calcium sources, such as carbonate, citrate, and chelate. In fact, chelate is the most preferable calcium source since it provides the best absorption, but it is actually the most expensive. When considering which calcium source is best for you, it is also important to remember that a lack of calcium could cause the development of osteoporosis. If you are a woman over 50 or an elderly man, you could be at risk for osteoporosis. Did you know that one in three women over 50 develop some form of osteoporosis? This is a real risk and reality for women in their 50s and elderly and frail men. Osteoporosis is the depletion of calcium from the bones, leaving them brittle and prone to breakage. This calcium deficiency can become highly dangerous as you get older, leaving you at risk for a number of health problems. If you don't have a balanced diet or are concerned about your calcium intake, a simple supplement could be exactly what you are looking for to protect the health of your bones, boost your metabolism, and support the overall function of your bodily systems. In fact, there are specific supplements for women over 50 that are fortified with 100% pure calcium at a high concentration. This will give you the mineral your body is craving to protect your bones and prevent osteoporosis through high levels of calcium as you age!
  5. Consider the use of organic calcium. If you are looking for a calcium product that is 100% organic, then organic calcium is the perfect choice to meet your needs! Organic calcium can come from mineralized seaweed, which works to be quickly absorbed by the body. This type of organic calcium powder is again something that can be used to prevent osteoporosis and support bone health, and many organic supplements also provide more than 100% of the recommended daily value of calcium. This is perfect for anyone that does not have a balanced diet and is at risk for a calcium deficiency, especially if you are a vegan who does not eat meat or dairy products. If this is the case, then you do need an organic calcium supplement to give you extra calcium to balance your diet and prevent bone issues often resulting in osteoporosis.

Consider your lifestyle.

Oftentimes, calcium deficiencies can come from a lifestyle that has a lack of exercise, smoking regularly, or having a low body weight. If you are an individual in any of these circumstances, then you absolutely need to rely upon the use of a proven supplement. Weight training and regular exercise are something that can promote healthy bone growth, which is helpful if you are calcium deficient. Taking a supplement in addition will give you what you may be lacking from your diet since it is recommended to have 1000 to 1500 mg of calcium on a daily basis. When you couple that with the use of healthy dairy products containing calcium, such as cheese, milk, yogurt, and cottage cheese, then you will have a well-rounded diet balanced with the use of a calcium supplement.

Stop smoking!

As an addition, if you are a regular smoker, it is so important to stop smoking and continue to take a calcium supplement! Smoking accelerates estrogen metabolism, which makes it difficult to promote healthy bone growth in the body. Using a supplement that is also fortified with vitamin D will make sure that your body gets the calcium that it needs to thrive and function in your everyday life! This is what you have been looking for to use calcium to protect your bones, boost your metabolism, and support overall functions within your body.

Overall, what many people don't realize is how much they may be at risk for a calcium deficiency in their diet, whether they are a man or woman. Calcium can be easily consumed through a number of healthy dairy sources, but even more so, you can choose a beneficial and healthful supplement to guarantee protection to your bone density and the function of your bodily systems. This is your opportunity to strengthen your body from the inside out!

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