Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Body

Why is it that, come spring, suddenly it’s time to clean, re-organize, and purge all our unnecessary stuff? (And why did we compile it all in the first place!?) It’s not just a human-made phenomenon, there’s actually a biological imperative to this.

After the storing up and conservation of winter, we naturally come to a new cycle. The call of green renewal is here, and with it comes the need to shed and cleanse the excess in our bodies, clear out built-up phlegm and mucous (which can look like a spring cold as it tries to empty out), and release weight gained over winter.

Of course, we tend to do the same thing in our environment, and our minds, as well.

Time to clean house, clean our minds, and make space for new endeavours and bright new projects to break ground and grow in the light of day, like little sprouts you plant rising into a mighty tree.

Internal Spring Cleaning

There is no renewal without a clearing way for that renewal to take place.

If your home is literally filled with old Star Wars memorabilia, and ancient dusty memories from the 1970s, it can be hard for fresh life, new memories or ways of being and seeing to enter your space. The same goes for our minds and hearts.

If new spring projects, new plans, new ways of being, feeling, seeing, or even just a sense of freshness in our body-mind system, is going to take hold and flourish in this season of renewal, first we gotta cleanse what is in the way.

The organs of the season also have a role in this:

Since the liver processes, and removes, toxins and harmful substances, now especially we want to help it regenerate and do its job. Ie. Spring cleansing and detoxing!

This could be a change of diet or a short fast of some type. (Eat your bitters this time of year. It’s an often left out, but very important, flavour in our modern culture, especially when it comes to digestion.)

To really get in there and clean up, reducing the load on your liver (the only organ that can regenerate) studies done with curcumin extract showed its ability to reduce liver inflammation and the risk of fatty liver disease. It even strengthens the intestinal wall so potentially harmful bacteria can’t pass into the intestines and, eventually, the liver itself.

Medicinal mushrooms like Reishi, Cordyceps and Maitake also protect and detoxify the liver (Each of these are found in the Purica Complete 360 blend.)

For an overall kickass springtime detoxification, and mind-body rebalancing, this is the magic combo — Recovery 3.0 and Complete 360. Everything we mentioned above, and more, is synergistically blended together in these two. If there’s one combo to take daily, this is the one.

One of spring’s other ‘games’ or ‘tricks’ is that the nicer weather can be deceptive. As the body cleanses and switches gears, we’re actually at risk of getting spring colds, so it’s an important time to keep yourself immune strong, and immune modulated — both aspects which our Immune 7 blend is designed for.

The Original Spring Cleaner

Nature is the original spring cleaner. As the eastern medicines say — in following the innate cycles of nature we keep balance within, and this leads to health and vitality.

Your inner directive to suddenly get rid of all your extra dishes, old dusty pictures or memorabilia you haven’t looked at for your years, switch things around, change up your diet, start exercising more (which, by the way, the liver and gall bladder also govern the muscles, so it’s a good time to put them to work after the slower, inward, heavier pace of winter) is all part of cleansing, and making way for the new vitality and fruition to come this summer.

There’s a pearl of timeless wisdom speaking through you.

We just gotta learn to listen and clear the way for it.

Goodbye stagnation. Hello, welcome movement!


Article Supplied By Purica