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Strauss Heart Drops

by Strauss Naturals

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Strauss Heart Drops Details

  • Maintain blood supply to the heart
  • Support healthy heart action
  • Promote healthy circulation
  • Maintain normal triglyceride and cholesterol levels
  • Unsightly varicose veins, mostly due to aging
  • Promote normal vision
  • Alleviate cold hands and feet

Strauss Heart Drops was formulated by herbalist Jim Strauss. The health and well being of thousands who have taken the product over the years is a testament to his knowledge of the individual herbs, their actions and appropriate combination.

Every batch of every product is independently tested for identity, microbiological contaminants, heavy metals and pesticides, and meets established final product specifications before release for sale.

All Strauss Herb Co. products are unique and formulated to maximize synergistic effects of all herbal ingredients. Determining the exact proportion of ingredients is key in capitalizing on this synergy. This skill has been perfected by Jim and Peter Strauss through eight generations of traditional herbal healers.

Strauss herbal products are specifically formulated to empower and strengthen specific body functions that have become deficient as a result of illness. They can also be utilized to complement orthodox forms of healing.

Strauss Heart Drops Ingredients


  • Lowers LDL cholesterol levels.
  • Stimulates cell growth and activity.
  • Is a health-building and disease-preventative herb and dissolves cholesterol in the bloodstream.
  • Opens up the blood vessels and reduces blood pressure in hypertensive patients.
  • Inhibits blood platelets from sticking together.

During World War I and II, physicians used garlic as an antibiotic to prevent soldiers’ wounds from becoming gangrenous; had fantastic results.

Based on clinical studies, ESCOP (European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy) recognizes the following indications for garlic: “Prophylaxis of atherosclerosis. Treatment of elevated blood lipid levels insufficiently influenced by diet. Improvement of blood flow in arterial vascular disease.” ESCOP also noted that garlic has been used traditionally for relief of cough, colds, catarrh, and rhinitis, although clinical trials are not as abundant to support such uses.


  • Strengthens the heart muscles when used regularly.
  • Has been used in preventing arteriosclerosis and in helping conditions like rapid and feeble heart action, heart valve defects, enlarged heart, angina pectoris and difficult breathing owing to ineffective heart action and lack of oxygen in the blood.


  • Unequalled for warding off diseases and equalizing blood circulation.
  • Increases the heart action but not the blood pressure.
  • Said to prevent strokes and heart attacks.
  • A catalyst, carrying all other herbs quickly to the part of the body where it is most needed, and increases their effectiveness.

Strauss Heart Drops FAQs

What is in Strauss Heart Drops?

Strauss Heart Drops are crafted from carefully selected herbs that, through generations of experience and hundreds of years of historical herbal usage, have been considered beneficial for the circulatory system and overall vitality.

Extract of garlic (bulb), water, extract of: hawthorn berries, hawthorn leaf, cayenne pepper, bilberry, motherwort (aerial), white willow bark, mistletoe, alcohol (See Historical Use of Ingredients below, for details)

It is not just a matter of what, but of how much, which produces the amazing results.

Where is Strauss Heart Drops made?

Strauss Heart Drops is made in central British Columbia, Canada and to the best of our knowledge there is no other product in the world that compares to it.

How many bottles does it take to clean out my arteries?

Of course each person is different, but generally speaking it takes approximately 6 bottles (100 ml bottles).

How long will it take before I notice a difference in my condition?

Normally, by the first bottle.

Should I work with my doctor?

Ask your doctor for a copy of your angiograms and to monitor your progress.

Should I stay on my prescriptions?

Yes, the heart drops will not interfere. Again, work with your doctor.

Nutrition Facts
Ingredient Facts
Garlic (bulb), Hawthorn (berry), Mistletoe, (leaf) (stem), Motherwort (aerial), Cayenne pepper (fruit), Hawthorn (leaf) (flower), Bilberry (leaf), White Willow (bark), Water, Alcohol.

Allergy Information: n/a

Warning: Pregnant women, Breastfeeding Mothers and Children should not take Strauss Heartdrops.

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Product Rating: 4.1/5

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