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North American Herb and Spice Oreganol P73

North American Herb and Spice Oreganol P73


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  • Vegan Vegan
  • Vegetarian Vegetarian
  • Made in Canada Made in Canada

North American Herb and Spice Oreganol P73

North American Herb and Spice Oreganol P73

:by North American Herb and Spice

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North American Herb and Spice Oreganol Details

Handpicked in the pristine, untarnished wilderness', North America Herb & Spice Oreganol is cold-pressed, steam distilled 100% Mediterranean oregano. This multi-purpose oil is often used as an effective remedy for the common cold and flu; it may also be helpful for fungus infections, Candida, viral infections, sinuses, skin problems, immune function and more. Oreganol P73 from North American Herb & Spice is emulsified in extra virgin olive oil and is free of all chemicals and pesticides. The exceptional quality and purity of North American Herb & Spice Oreganol is clinically researched and tested to ensure maximum potency and effectiveness. [LIQUID]

North American Herb and Spice Oreganol Highlights:

  • Researched, Tested, Wild Handpicked P73 Oregano
  • Supports the immune system and the body's defense mechanisms against all germs.
  • Use internally or externally.
  • Ideal for viruses, yeast overgrowth, fungal infections, common cold or virtually any condition.
  • Powerful and proven effective.

North American Herb and Spice Oreganol was Proven Effective

  • Oreganol P73 is the original wild, handpicked Mediterranean oreganol. Guaranteed to be powerful and effective, P73 has undergone various clinical researching and scientific testing to ensure quality.
  • Oreganol P73 is the most powerful germ killer with scientifically proven results against almost every virus, bacteria, parasite and fungi. The complexity of the phytochemical matrix in Oreganol P73 possess a broad spectrum of antimicrobial properties that safe for prolonged use. The oil can be used topically and internally. 

Why Choose North American Herb and Spice Oreganol?

  • P73 is the only scientifically tested oregano oil.
  • Oreganol P73 is steam distilled, wild and handpicked.  
  • Supports the body's immune powders.
  • Effective natural germ-killer that can be used almost anywhere, both internally and topically.
  • Free of solvents, synthetic chemical and adulterants.
  • Grown naturally in the Mediterranean mountains.

Supporting the Immune System 

The immune system is the police force of the body.  It is a complex system of cells that defend the body from invading organisms, regulate inflammation and control abnormal cell growth.  Many organs are involved in the immune response, the bone marrow, lymphatic system, thymus, liver and spleen.  Bone marrow produces red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets

The spleen is a location where immune cells can monitor the blood for foreign matter.  It also speeds up red blood cell production and activates blood clotting. The liver can increase body temperature and induce sweating to help fight off infections.  The thymus produces B cells, which make antibodies, and T cells, which are part of the immune response.

The immune system is capable of fighting off intruders and remembering them so that they are killed off quickly if they invade again.  The immune system must be able to differentiate self from non-self in order to know what to attack.  If it does not recognize the body’s own tissue than autoimmune diseases occurs.

Optimize the health of your immune system by:

  • Consuming a nutrient-rich diet from a wide variety of foods. 
  • Exercising regularly. 
  • Maintaining regular sleeping habits.
  • Limiting exposure to environment toxins and medications.
  • Supplement with immune supporting and nutrients. 

Take one or several drops under the tongue or in juice/water daily. Rub topically (heat sensation is normal). As a totally natural product consistency, aroma and taste may vary.

Nutrition Facts / Valeur nutritive

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 2 drops
Servings per Container: 432
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value *
Proprietary blend in organic extra virgin olive oil 50 mg
Wild Mediterranean oregano oil P73
* Percent daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet
† Daily Value not established
Note: Serving Sizes are rounded to the nearest whole serving

Additional Ingredients: None.

Allergy Information: Contains no common source of allergens like sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, milk, egg, shellfish or preservatives. Vegetarian/Vegan Product. Free of solvents and synthetic chemicals.

Warning: As a natural product, consistency, aroma, and taste may vary. Keep away from genitals, eyes, and out of the reach of children. Do not refrigerate. Store in a cool, dry place.

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