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    Carlson Super Omega 3 Fish Oil Gems (EE)

    Carlson Super Omega 3 Fish Oil Gems (EE)


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      Carlson Super Omega 3 Fish Oil Gems (EE)

      :by Carlson

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      Carlson Super Omega 3 Fish Oil (EE) Details

      Carlson Super Omega 3 is at the top of the Pill-Board chart, as mentioned in O, The Oprah magazine June 2004 Issue, page 138. Medical Scientists internationally are encouraging people to eat more fish. Fish body oil is the only major source of the polyunsaturated Omega 3's EPA and DHA.

      For those individuals who do not eat an oily fish diet, Carlson offers Omega-3s in easy-to-swallow soft gelatin capsules. Carlson Super Omega-3 soft gels contain a special concentrate of fish body oils from deep, cold water fish including mackerel and sardines which are especially rich in the important Omega-3's EPA and DHA.

      Carlson Super Omega 3 Fish Oil (EE) Gems Features and Benefits

      • Tested Using AOAC International Protocols
      • High Potency Omega 3 Supplement
      • Free of Detrimental Levels of Mercury, Cadmium, Lead, PCBs and 20 other Contaminants
      • Easy to Swallow Soft Gel 

      Take one Carlson Super Omega 3 Fish Oill softgel one to five times daily, At Mealtime.

      Nutrition Facts / Valeur nutritive

      Nutrition Facts
      Serving Size: 1 Softgel
      Servings per Container: 100 + 30
      Amount Per Serving
      % Daily Value *
      Calories 9
      Calories from Fat 9
      Total Fat 1 g 2%
      Vitamin E NAtural (d-Alpha Tocopherol) 10 IU 33%
      Omega-3 Fatty Acids (from fish oil) 600 mg
      EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 300 mg
      DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 200 mg
      Other Omega-3's 100 mg
      * Percent daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet
      † Daily Value not established
      Note: Serving Sizes are rounded to the nearest whole serving

      Additional Ingredients: Softgel shell: Beef gelatin, glycerin, water.

      Allergy Information: Preservative-free. Cholesterol-free. Gluten-free.

      Warning: Use only as directed. Always read the label. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Keep in bottle.As with any dietary or herbal supplement, you should advise your health care practitioner of the use of this product.

      Additional Ingredients

      Carlson Super Omega 3 Fish Oil is just one of the numerous fish oil supplements already in the market today. Fish oil supplements have been touted as the best over-all health supplements because of their contribution in improving nearly all the systemic functions. Find out today what makes Carlson Super Omega 3 Fish Oil a supplement worth buying.

      Carlson Super Omega 3 Fish Oil contains 300 mg of EPA and 200 mg of DHA. Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are important especially to our heart and brain functions. When you are searching for a fish oil supplement, check the back label and find out if it has ample supply of both EPA and DHA. These are the types of fatty acids that can be easily used by the system. Also, this supplement offers 100 mg of other kinds of omega 3 fatty acids so you get a complete supply of these nutrients.

      Carlson Super Omega 3 Fish Oil also boasts of 10 IU of vitamin E. This vitamin is also an indispensable vitamin that can help boost our health. It acts as an antioxidant that can fight the harmful effects of free radicals. This is why it is important to look for a supplement that has been loaded with vitamin E. It also helps improve skin condition and ward off aging.

      Carlson Super Omega 3 Fish Oil is ideal for those people who do not like to eat fish. While fish is the biggest source of polyunsaturated omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, not all people eat it. If you are one of those who do not like eating fish, you can still get the nutrients from fish sources with the help of this supplement. It comes in an easy to swallow soft gelatin capsule.

      Carlson Super Omega 3 Fish Oil ingredients are of the best quality. The fishes used to extract the omega 3 fatty acids are deep and cold water fishes such as sardines and mackerel. These fishes boast of high EPA and DHA content. If you are looking for fishes with high nutritional content, these are the top candidates.

      Carlson Super Omega 3 Fish Oil is a supplement that has been tested for its potency and purity. The manufacturing company adhered to the protections of AOAC international. They manufactured this supplement in FDA-registered facilities and laboratories. The whole process involves the removal of cadmium, lead, mercury, PCBS and many other contaminants that are usually present in fishes taken from deep seas.

      Carlson Super Omega 3 Fish Oil has been recommended by experts and famous people. This was actually featured in Oprah’s O Magazine. Also, medical experts and scientists from all over the globe recommend the intake of omega 3 fatty acids on a daily basis. This one is a good option since it has been constantly in the Pill Board Chart.

      Boosting your health with the use of Carlson Super Omega 3 Fish Oil is a good step. It contains just the right amounts of DHA and EPA that you need to support systemic functions. This supplement also has Vitamin E that can help fight free radicals and maintain young looking skin. If you don’t like to eat fish but you want to get the nutrients from it, this should be a good substitute. It has the best quality ingredients. It has also been tried and tested. Opt for a supplement recommended by experts such as Carlson Super Omega 3 Fish Oil.

      Carlson Super Omega 3 Fish Oil Gems (EE) Customer Reviews