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Bel Marra Healthy Prostate, 60 Capsules

Bel Marra Healthy Prostate, 60 Capsules

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Bel Marra Healthy Prostate, 60 Capsules

Bel Marra Healthy Prostate, 60 Capsules

:by Bel Marra Health

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Bel Marra Healthy Prostate Formula Details

Bel Marra Healthy Prostate helps relieve symptoms of BPH and support prostate health

Healthy Prostate Formula is a supplement that addresses the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Every ingredient is naturally sourced and geared specifically to helping you achieve maximum prostate health. Often as men age, they experience benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) which is characterized by an enlargement of the prostate. At Bel Marra we understand how frustrating the symptoms of BPH can be. Try Healthy Prostate and experience greater bladder control, less frequent urination, and better sexual performance. 

Note From Dr. Victor Marchione, M.D.

Dear embarrassed & frustrated friend,

It happens to the best of us. Nature has the unfortunate habit of weakening the male urinary system starting at about age 30 and getting progressively worse as we get older. But don't be too hard on yourself.

Know that if you're having problems such as...
  • Getting up at night to go multiple times which disrupts your sleep and makes you feel groggy and exhausted in the morning...
  • Having trouble emptying your bladder completely...
  • Peeing in dribbles instead of a strong, constant flow...
  • Unexpected leaks...
  • Maybe even sexual problems such as a low sex drive or even the ability to ejaculate...

.... It's probably NOT your fault!

When it comes to the male urinary system, including your ability to pee like you did in your 20's as well as your sexual prowess... things can get a little complicated. Most of the time, for most guys, peeing in "trickles" has nothing to do with you or how you're treating your body.

It's not necessarily something you're doing wrong. In fact your friends are probably dealing with the same problems you are. They just don't tell you, like you haven't told them. But the fact is, I don't want you to blindly accept the consequences of an unhealthy prostate. I'm going to show you how to fight back and forge ahead with a stronger, healthier prostate. Because after all...

You Don't Deserve To Live Like This!

Over the years I've talked with literally hundreds of otherwise healthy men who were so downright annoyed with their weak, swollen prostates they'd sacrifice nearly anything to fix it.

The worst part is the mental guilt trips they put on themselves. They thought THEY caused it. They thought THEY were responsible. Most of them weren't, and I doubt you are either. The fact is...
  • You don't deserve to take secret pee breaks in the woods while playing a simple round of golf with your buddies.
  • You don't deserve to wake up tired, grumpy and exhausted after getting up multiple times throughout the night (and then hearing about it from your spouse to make it even worse...)
  • And you don't deserve the embarrassment of peeing at public urinals... constantly peeking around the room to make sure nobody can see you dribbling and spraying your urine!

All of that ends today. In the next few minutes, I'll show you a few simple strategies to fight back against nature, old age, and all the other reasons your prostate isn't cooperating... so you can get back to your life of full strength pee, emptying your bladder completely, and making your spouse happier by reducing or eliminating your infamous night-time trips to the bathroom.

4 Unlikely Ways to Fix a Bad Prostate...

#1: Have More Sex

Those three words are probably the best news you've heard in a long time. Luckily for you, having sex is a fun, yet effective way to keep your prostate in tip-top shape. During sex, your body naturally massages the prostate and empties secretions that stop urine from passing. Having sex at least 2-3 times per week is a fantastic, and healthy, way to improve your prostate health.

And if you've been hitting a dry spell with your spouse lately, a little later I'll show you the secret ingredient you can take which has been shown to increase sexual desire by as much as 230%!

#2: Decrease Your Stress

Very few people talk about the relationship of stress and prostate health. The fact is, there is a major correlation between the amount of stress you deal with on a daily basis, and your prostate health. Here's why it's so important.

Your prostate functions just like any other muscle in your body. In order to function properly and stay strong, it requires adequate nutrition and cleansing. Nutrition and cleaning comes from highly oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood coursing through your veins and pushing through your prostate.

This blood comes from tiny blood vessels which make up a large portion of your prostate. Unfortunately, stress restricts blood flow. That reduces the nutrition your prostate receives and slows down the cleansing process.

#3: Stop Squishing Your Genitals

Ever make your arms or legs go numb with "pins & needle-like" pains by keeping them in the same position too long or cutting off the circulation? If your briefs are too tight, that's exactly what you're doing to your genitals.

Tight briefs cut off or reduce circulation in the area of your body which needs it most in order to have steady, powerful pee. And that's not the only downfall of tight underwear. You'll also risk lowering your sperm count, increase your chance of jock itch, and even developing soreness (also known as "Achey Ball Syndrome) due to lack of blood flow. In order to increase circulation in your testes, be sure you're wearing underwear that give your genitals plenty of room to breathe.

#4: STOP Worrying About Having the Perfect Diet

As much as I recommend eating a healthy, balanced diet... I also understand how stressful it can be to try and eat perfect. That's why I recommomend eating healthy but allowing yourself a few guilty pleasures.

The reason I recommend this is simple. The more you stress yourself out over eating perfectly, the more it triggers anxiety which leads to peeing more frequently. But let me be very clear. I'm NOT suggesting to eat unhealthy. You should still add plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables to your diet both for your prostate health and general well-being. What I'm suggesting is to give up the need to have a "perfect" diet. Eat healthy, but don't stress over it. 1 trusted way to fix a bad prostate

Bonus #5: Add Specific Nutrients to Your Diet Via Supplementation

Getting the proper nutrients to improve the health of your Prostate through diet alone is next to impossible. The ingredients which support your prostate simply aren't available in food - they mainly come from herbs and plants found throughout various parts of the world.

That's why I highly suggest following the above 4 steps, along with supplementation. Supplementation can provide the specific amounts of ingredients your prostate needs, in the specific doses, at the specific times.

To make it easy for you to get the precise nutrients, we've developed a proprietary, highly effective formula called Healthy Prostate. It's jam-packed with 8 of the most highly effective ingredients for a healthy prostate research has ever found. In fact, these ingreidents have been clinically proven to make you...

Experience the 5 Biggest Benefits of a Healthy Prostate!

Having an enlarged prostate is not only embarrassing, it completely destroys your social life. After all when you're trying to have sex with your wife but can't ejaculate... when you're trying to play a relaxing game of golf with your buddies but have to stop to pee every 30 minutes... when you're waking up 2, 3, even 4 or more times per night - all you can think is: PLEASE STOP!

That's why Healthy Prostate Formula was specifically designed to help you...

1) Sleep Through the Night Like a Baby!

Imagine this. You slide into bed around 9 p.m. You watch a little TV with your spouse, and casually drift off to sleep. 8 hours later, you wake up with a ray of sunshine beaming through your bedroom window. As you comfortably roll out of bed, thinking you're dreaming, you feel refreshed, alive and full of energy.

You slept through the night! That's what Saw Palmetto helps you do. Saw Palmetto is one of the oldest and most well-known remedies for shrinking enlarged prostates and combating...

  • The urge to wake up in the middle of the night as you stumble out of bed with a bladder which FEELS like it's about to explode, yet your pee comes out like a leaky faucet!
  • "Crimped Hose" Syndrome - when your pee starts and sputters in small, weak streams... spraying the toilet, your clothes and leaving you feeling embarrassed!
  • The Never-Ending Bladder - How ever long you 'go,' your bladder just doesn't seem to be fully emptied. Saw Palmetto helps shrink your prostate which allows you to steal back those powerful, firehose-like urinations you used to have!
In a study conducted by the Russian Academy of Medicine, researchers found that when participants were given as little as one 160mg capsule twice daily of Saw Palmetto, they saw fantastic results such as...
  • Significantly reduced International Prostate Symptom Scores (IPSS), which measure and diagnose benign prostatic hyperplasia, the most common disease affecting your prostate)
  • Significant and rapid improvements in qualify-of-life scores and urinary flow rates achieved in less than 30 days
  • Residual urine (the feeling of a slightly full bladder even after peeing) significantly decreased leaving them feeling satisfied after peeing!)
Three years later, researchers from the Department of Urology in the Ioannina University School of Medicine in Ioannina, Greece conducted a similar study. In this study, they gave participants as little as two 80mg capsules of Saw Palmetto extract. The results?

Even with a lower dose, participants found similar results giving them better results for their International Prostate Symptom Scores... increased quality-of-life scores...improved urinary flow so they could pee faster and stronger... and significantly decreased levels of residual urine!

Each serving of Healthy Prostate Formula comes packed with 400mg of Saw Palmetto Berry Extract, more than enough to give you the urinary flow improvements Saw Palmetto is known for!

2) Slow the Aging Process For Your Entire Body.

More... recent research from France suggests that the decline of mental function that naturally occurs with age may be increased by falling selenium levels. In a study published in the journal "Epidemiology", lead author, N. Tasnime Akbaraly, from the University of Montpellier writes...

"Because brain oxidative stress is a cause of cognitive impairment, selenium, which is an antioxidant, may protect against cognitive decline".

That's why we've added 200mcg of selenium to Healthy Prostate Formula.

3) Become A Sexual Stud!

What you're about to read will put a BIG smile on your face

As I mentioned earlier, one fantastic way to improve your prostate health is through something that unfortunately tends to happen less and less as we age.

During sex, your body naturally massages the prostate and empties secretions that stop urine from passing. Having sex at least 2-3 times per week is a fantastic, and healthy way to improve your prostate health.

That's why we've added 150mg of 10:1 maca root extract (equivalent to a 1500mg dose), to our Healthy Prostate Formula. Grown in the sky-high mountains of Peru, Maca root is a well-known remedy for improving sexual desire.

Here's proof.

In a 12-week, double blind placebo-controlled, randomized study, researchers gave men aged 21-56 1500mg of Maca to test its ability to increase sexual desire.

  • After just 4 short weeks, those taking Maca experienced an increase of 84% sexual desire than those taking a placebo.
  • After just 8 weeks, those taking the 1500mg dosage of Maca were delighted in reporting a 230% times the sexual desire!
The next time your wife complains about you waking her up in the middle of the night to pee more, explain to her that sex just may be the answer!

4) Get Your "Firehose" Back!

One of the trademarks of a healthy prostate is the ability to "pee like a firehouse". That not only means being able to drink few beers without going, it also means having a stream of pee so hard and fast you'd swear it could cut through steel.

If you feel the same, pumpkin seed oil and stinging nettle are there to help. We've added a whopping 320mg of pumpkin seed oil to our Healthy Prostate Formula, the same dosage used in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted by the Nutrition Research and Practice in 2009. Participants saw a dramatic increase in urinary flow rate after being checked just 6 months after taking pumpkin seed oil.

We've also added 360mg of stinging nettle. In a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled study, researchers gave participants stinging nettle to see the effects it had on urinary flow rate, among other tests. Those taking stinging nettle root were astonished to witness the power of their pee increase by 142%!

That's well over TWICE the manly power... effectively transporting them decades in time to their teenage years.

5) Protect Your Prostate From Foreign Invaders!

Everything you eat... every breath you take... everything you touch... creates free radicals in your body. These free radicals attack your cells at a molecular level and are the driving force behind premature aging and health issues

Antioxidants are the antithesis of free radicals. If free radicals are bomber planes, antioxidants are the rockets on the ground shooting them down. They fight, neutralize and destroy free radicals. That's why the healthier you eat, the less likely you are of developing some type of health concern.

That's also why we've added Acai Berry powder to the Healthy Prostate Formula. While Acai has become a legend in the weight loss industry I'm more impressed by it's antioxidants and free radical fighting powers.

In fact, with an ORAC value (which measures antioxidant power to kill free radicals) of 102,700 units per 100g, Acai is the most powerful antioxidant of any plant evaluated to date! While our other ingredients are working to give you a more healthy prostate, Acai is perfect for setting up a line of defense and protecting it like a steel fortress from future stress and premature aging!

Plus, we've also added both vitamin-E and lycopene to our powerful formula to add even more layers of protection and health to your prostate. But I've saved the best for last. So far we've discussed the research backing up just how effective our ingredients are in promoting a healthier prostate. What I haven't mentioned is how Healthy Prostate is...

Packed With The Most Powerful Prostate-Protecting Ingredient Known To Man

After talking with literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of patients who've had mixed results with prostate supplements, and after studying the ingredients list of dozens upon dozens of prostate supplements available to you, I've come to a conclusion.

The reason most prostate supplements don't work is because they skimp on the single most powerful ingredient to lasting prostate health ever discovered.

It's called beta-sitosterol and it's the secret ingredient researchers have found to be a near miracle for fighting prostate-related problems. It's more effective in promoting a healthy prostate than ANY other ingredient known to man, including the legendary saw palmetto.

In fact, beta-sitosterol is found within saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, stinging nettle, and many more- all the same ingredients found within our Healthy Prostate Formula. And to cut right to the chase, let me show the power beta-sitosterol has in promoting a healthy, better-functioning Prostate...

Study #1: Overall Prostate Health Skyrocketed By 252%!

In a study published in The Lancet, beta-sitosterol was tested against a placebo to determine it's effectiveness. More than 200 men took either beta-sitosterol or placebo, and the results were shocking. In those taking beta-sitosterol...

Their Boyarsky scores (which measure the severity of prostate problems) showed an amazing 219% improvement!
International Prostate Symptom Scores saw an incredible 252% improvement!
There was a 53% increase in power when peeing...
The residual urine (the pee left in your bladder after peeing) plummeted 57.8%, which means more pee than before!

Study #2: Long-Term Relief From Prostate Problems

In a study published by the Department of Urology, Ruhr-University of Bochum, Herne, Germany... researchers were interested in testing long-term results of beta-sitosterol. They'd known that beta-sitosterol was effective in relieving the prostate symptoms... but they wanted to know for how long. And the results were impressive.

After coming back for a follow up a full 18 months later, researchers found that those continuing to take beta-sitosterol maintained their improvements throughout the entire time! Effectiveness did not wear off even after maintaining the treatment long-term.

Study #3: Significant Improvements Within the First 30 Days!

It's one thing to get results. It's quite another to get results FAST. Luckily, beta-sitosterol comes through with flying colors on both accounts.

In 1999 the British Journal of Urology published a study reviewing four additional studies which looked at 519 men with prostate problems. What they discovered was improved urinary flow and decreased problematic symptoms in those taking beta-sitosterol... all in just the first month!

Healthy Prostate is the Most Effective, Reliable and Highest Quality Prostate Supplement in the Market Today

As you have probably heard, many supplement companies have been scrutinized, even shut down by government officials for refusing to follow regulations. In many cases, those companies were downright LYING to you. So let me give you a behind-the-scenes peek at the process each and every one of our Healthy Prostate bottles go through.

Step #1: Physical Tests

Once the ingredients are mixed and packed into the capsules, they're tested to make sure they are all the same size, color, and weight. They're also tested to ensure they'll dissolve in the stomach so your body can reap its benefits.

Step #2: The Correct Ingredients and Dosage

Next, Healthy Prostate undergoes a strict test to make sure it's compliant in terms of what ingredients are included, that the dosage is precisely accurate, and to certify that the active material is present in the supplement. To do this, Healthy Prostate undergoes both HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) and UV-visible absorption spectroscopy. This ensures you're getting exactly what we promise... not a placebo or a capsule filled with fillers.

Step #3: Safety Measures

The final step is running Healthy Prostate through a purity and anti-microbial test. This makes sure Healthy Prostate exceeds all federal standards of pesticides, lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, total aerobic bacteria, total yeast and mold, E. coli, Salmonella and Staph. Unlike other supplements which are produced in mass quantity for cheap prices, we put your safety first and rely on quality and safety.

Healthy Prostate Gives You the Power of the Most Effective Ingredients for Prostate Health... All In An Easy to Swallow Pill

Don't waste your money trying to order your own personal concoction of prostate-saving ingredients. You'll end up spending hundreds of dollars per month and choking down countless pills to boot.

Instead, take a single Healthy Prostate capsule in the morning with your coffee, and one at night with dinner. There are no other changes necessary to your lifestyle. Just 30 seconds per day can give you amazing results like these folks who want to tell you about their experiences with Healthy Prostate...

True Life Experiences

Regarding Bel Marra Nutritionals Healthy Prostate capsules I have been taking for over 6 months. I'm 90 years old and I find them very, very good. I had been urinating five or six times a night with pain, but now I only have to go twice.

- L.H. (Surrey BC)

I do feel this product does support a healthy prostate. My urinary flow is better, however, it did take the full 30 days for me to feel the difference. I'm going to continue with the product.

- D. R. (Columbus, OH)

For men "Healthy Prostate" is cheap insurance. It is for me, that I know for sure.

- G.R (North Bay, ON)

I use Healthy Prostate along with other Bel Marra products. Instead of getting up 2 times a night to go to the washroom, I now sleep 8hrs without going. I love your products!

- W.S (Tarzwell, ON)

I am taking Healthy Prostate. I am very satisfied with my results. Everything is back to normal.

- R. L . (Lamont, AB)

I use Healthy Prostate. I have used the product for a good while now and I feel it's very good. The results are especially good, I would not use any other product.

- A.R. ( Meteghan, NS)

Make Your Nightly Bathroom Trips Go Away

If you've read this far, there's no doubt you understand that your prostate simply isn't working how you want it to. You hate the frequent bathroom trips... the constant fear of "having to go" when you're in the middle of an important event... or worse... actually leaking in front of people and trying to scramble to cover it up.

We've specifically formulated Healthy Prostate so you never have to worry about that again. Just take an easy-to-swallow pill with breakfast and dinner, and leave the rest up to the specific formulation of ingredients we've put hundreds of hours into researching. That's it.
  • There's no special diet to follow (though I recommend you eat as healthy as possible)...
  • There's no exercise program to get sucked into (though exercising does help)...

I want to thank you for reading this page. I hope it's given you enough information to help overcome the prostate issues you're dealing with. I hope you'll consider giving Healthy Prostate a shot.

  • It's proven to work, backed up by multiple studies and our own user reviews...
  • It's specifically formulated to include ample amounts of beta-sitosterol, the most powerful ingredient for prostate health known to man...
  • It requires no lifestyle changes other than taking it with your morning coffee and nighttime drink.
Your in Good Health,

Dr. Victor Marchione, M.D.

Adults take 2 capsules of Bel Marra Healthy Prostate daily or as directed by a health care practitioner. Do not use if seal around cap is broken.

Nutrition Facts / Valeur nutritive

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings per Container: 60
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value *
Vitamin E (D-Alpha-Tocopherol) 6.7 mg ATE
Selenium 200 mcg
Saw Palmetto Berry Extract (10: 1) with 45% fatty acids 400 mg
Equivalent to: 4000 mg
Stinging Nettle root 360 mg
Pumpkin Seed Oil powder 320 mg
Maca Root (10: 1 extract) 150 mg
Acai Berry powder 25 mg
Lycopene (5%) 6.5 mg
* Percent daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet
† Daily Value not established
Note: Serving Sizes are rounded to the nearest whole serving

Additional Ingredients: Magnesium stearate, Silica, Gelatin capsule.

Bel Marra Healthy Prostate Customer Reviews

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2 reviews
  • W
    I recommend this product
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    9 months ago
    Great Product

    Great product. Gives you the value for your money and works just as described.

  • BK
    bela k.
    I recommend this product
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    8 years ago
    Bel Marra Healthy Prostate

    Made my life easier and was finally able to sleep the whole night

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