Supplements Canada

Supplements Canada

What to Look For In Websites that Sell Supplements Canada

Overall there are a few main things that I would recommend to look for in all online supplement stores:

  1. Free Shipping. If a store doesn't offer free shipping, that means they are making money off of you on the shipping. Free shipping is considered good (not even great anymore) customer service and not offering free shipping in Canada for supplements is just plain poor service.
  2. Return Policy. What happens if you buy some supplements in Canada and you want to return them? Check before you buy that the store has a return policy. Typically the best have a 30 or 60 days return policy.
  3. Free samples. There are always the supplements that you know and like, but what about supplements Canada that you haven't tried yet? The best online health stores will not only give you supplement samples, but will actually let you pick the ones you want to try. What good is it if your goal is to get really lean, and the online supplement store sends you a sample of weight gainer?
  4. Testimonials. The best supplements Canada stores get testimonials all the time. The reason for that is because they know how to treat customers and help them reach their health and fitness goals. The absolute best online supplement stores will actually show you the date the testmonials were given. Sadly some stores just reuse the same testimonials for years and the only testimonials they have to show are sadly outdated. Click here for: Testimonials

Why You Should Think Twice Before Buying Supplements Directly from the US

  1.  Shipping time. While prices for supplements south of the border can appear cheaper and sometimes are, what is misleading is how fast the supplements arrive. I have shopped at many of the top online supplement stores in the US and have had to wait a full month to receive my products. The best supplements Canada stores will typically have the products at your door within 2-4 days.
  2. Customs and other duties. Unexpectedly you can never be sure if you are going to have to pay any extra fees or duties. If customs decides to add on extra charges for your supplements you have absolutely no choice but to pay!
  3. Health Canada. There are currently a variety of supplements that are sold in the US, but are not currently allowed in Canada. While the US online supplement stores will not tell you that when they are taking your credit card, they will tell you that ordering from a US supplement store is "at your own risk" if you encounter any type of border issues.
  4. Customer Service. When it comes to US stores, their primary customers are in the US. First priority always goes to a companies primary customers and unfortunately Canadian supplement customers will often get pushed to the back burner or even sometimes completely ignored because they are not seen as a high priority (or profirtable) customer.

How to Choose the Best Supplements in Canada

  1.  Reviews. While individual online reviews can sometimes be misleading, having a look at many of the same type or rankings will give you some commonalities.  Reviews on supplements Canada from customers just like you will often give you the best gauge to whether the supplement is the right fit for you.
  2. Mutli Supplement Lines. Supplement manufacturers that typically only make one product and have so for a while is a very bad sign. Any supplement company that makes great products is always looking to expand its line. If you see a supplement line that is not growing, or worse yet shrinking, that is a tell take sign that their supplements are not effective.

Well there you have it. These suggestions should give you a lot more confidence when buying supplements online in Canada. It is always a tough thing to do, but if you are ever in doubt for supplements Canada you can always email your favorite online supplement store to ask a question.