8 Benefits of Using Glutamine

Glutamine: The Unsung Hero for Immunity, Recovery, and Lean Muscle Growth
8 Benefits of Using Glutamine

If you are hoping to boost your immune system and enhance muscle recovery as an athlete, glutamine is exactly what you're looking for within your supplement! To begin, glutamine works as a basic building block in an abundant protein amino acid found within the body. The body needs this glutamine for all regular functions, especially if it is under extreme stress caused by healthy exercise or even an injury. Often times, your body needs more glutamine than it can create naturally, especially due to the fact that glutamine is often used to remove waste products of ammonia found in the body.

Boost your immune system.

Glutamine works to promote a healthy immune system, and glutamine is also needed for digestion and every day brain function. If you are looking for complete help within your supplement, then glutamine is where it's at because it will give your body what it is looking for to function exceptionally. As an athlete or exerciser, it is so important to have levels of glutamine in a supplement for your everyday diet because it will enhance the function of your immune system and also prevent excessive muscle soreness. This type of glutamine supplement is helpful for any weightlifter or bodybuilder to reduced downtime and enhance muscle recovery.

Gain lean muscle mass.

If you are on a fitness plan hoping to promote lean muscle growth, glutamine is helpful to create cell volumization and enhanced protein synthesis. Glutamine is perfect for any individual looking to start a workout program, or even an athlete hoping to use protein synthesis to build and create long-lasting lean muscle mass. The bottom line is that using glutamine to build lean muscle mass is something that can be relied upon by anyone in their walk of life since lean muscle mass is what you need to burn extra calories, enhance endurance in your workout program, build muscle bulk, and stay healthy as you age.

Here are the perks you can expect from using glutamine within a supplement:

  1. Glutamine provides quick recovery from illness. This is something that is imperative to an athlete or any individual because you can keep your immune system healthy, even if you are exercising heavily. Exercise can cause stress in the body, which needs to be counteracted through glutamine. Glutamine also will lower cortisol within the body, which is caused by everyday stress. Overall, glutamine is the help that you need to promote serious wellness benefits, regardless of your exercise needs.
  2. Glutamine also works within the body to promote digestive health. If you have IBD, which is inflammatory bowel disease, that could signify a glutamine deficiency. Regardless, as an athlete or regular exerciser, it is ideal to have high levels of glutamine to aid in your regular digestive function. This complete process will burn extra calories, keep the metabolism high, and also promote healthy muscle growth.
  3. Glutamine helps to cure ulcers. An interesting fact about glutamine is that it even helps to cure ulcers by intaking 1.6 g per day with a 92% success rate. This is fantastic news for any exerciser interested in a glutamine supplement because you will see immediate benefits in a reduced recovery time, enhanced immune system, and even better digestive health.
  4. Glutamine is essential for endurance! If you are running in a marathon, playing a sports competition, or doing any other type of training, that can greatly reduce glutamine levels within the body. This can leave an athlete susceptible to illness, especially since glutamine will directly boost the immune system. Taking a supplement containing glutamine is exactly what you need to prevent infection and maintain levels of endurance within any type of workout or competition.
  5. Glutamine can be taken safely as a supplement within cool beverages. One important thing to note is that glutamine powders should not be added to any type of hot beverage because heat will destroy the glutamine content. This simple tip will give you the maximum benefits within your glutamine supplement, preferably mixing it with juice, water, or milk.
  6. Glutamine promotes protein synthesis in the body. This prevents your body from catabolizing, or feeding on its own lean muscle mass. This is something that can happen to athletes if they do not have enough glutamine within their diet, meaning that all of the muscle that they worked hard for will not last since it will be used by the body for fuel. If you're working to create lean muscle mass within your body, then you must have glutamine within your supplement to provide the best results in everyday protein synthesis to create long-lasting lean muscle mass.
  7. Glutamine works to increase cell volume and levels of hydration within the body. This will work for a speeded recovery time by promoting new cell growth through glutamine, and it will also keep the body hydrated for a quicker recovery after a workout or competition.
  8. Intense workouts require the need for glutamine. You will see the most benefits by taking a glutamine supplement after an intense workout or game because your body will have depleted levels of glutamine. As an athlete or exerciser, if you take a glutamine supplement after working out, you will see maximum benefits in enhancing muscle mass, reducing recovery time, and quickly replenishing energy levels.

Overall health benefits.

The bottom line is that glutamine within a supplement provides a number of benefits to the athlete or bodybuilder, not to mention the fact that it is full of everyday health benefits. The use of glutamine within a supplement will restore any damage caused to the body by everyday stress so that you can trust in your wellness as an athlete or for your everyday lifestyle. Furthermore, it is a top choice for the endurance athlete to protect the immune system from illness and prevent premature fatigue.
As you can see, glutamine is what your body is craving to maintain levels of lean muscle mass through everyday protein synthesis!

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