Happy Guts Turmeric Kick Flavouring Infusion, 35 g

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Happy Guts Turmeric Kick Flavouring Infusion

Earthy spices ground you with this surprisingly refreshing infusion. Organic turmeric paired with black peppercorns aid in reducing inflammation, while organic ginger and chili flake warm the body.
This first-of-its-kind product makes it easy to quickly flavour your second fermentation. No more shopping for specific ingredients. Happy Gut did that part for you!
Package contains 1/2 cup of organic turmeric, ginger, black pepper, chili flake and citrus ingredients. Enough to make 4 1L bottles of water kefir or kombucha beverages.
Nutrition Facts
100% Organic: lemon peel, turmeric root, ginger (organic ginger, organic saw cane sugar), black peppercorns, cayenne chili flakes
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