All Prairie Naturals products are earth-friendly and support your health while assisting you in living an ecologically sound life. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, the family business produces premium-quality nutritional supplements and health products designed to help you achieve better health.

Explore our range of gluten-free, lactose-free and Made in Canada products from Prairie Naturals below and get free shipping on all orders over $59

Natural supplements can support your family’s health and well-being without harming the environment. By carefully selecting suppliers and only using non-GMO ingredients, Prairie Naturals make positive change easier to attain for you and the environment.

Prairie Naturals Vitamin D 1000IU Softgels are a perfect example of effective eco-friendly supplements. Opting for vitamin D3 in a base of organic olive oil gives you the maximum absorption level from your supplementation, helping you and your family maintain healthy teeth and bones. 

If you’re looking for a formula to target a specific area of your health, Prairie Naturals Hair-Force offers something unique — an all-natural multivitamin supplement containing 22 ingredients that you can use to minimize hair loss. It provides you with a rich source of B vitamins and biotin, which are essential for promoting healthy hair and skin. Taking this supplement can counteract the biological effects of stress, hormone imbalances, and other environmental factors, which all negatively affect hair growth.

Other Prairie Naturals supplements like Prairie Naturals CoEnzyme Q10 have a range of benefits that can dramatically improve your well-being in several key areas. You can effectively support heart health and enjoy anti-ageing benefits by taking 1-3 softgels a day. It’s also a good choice for those who suffer from migraines as the main ingredient, ubiquinone, is proven to reduce and prevent migraine frequency and intensity.

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