Proudly Canadian-owned, Organika produces a huge range of high-quality vitamins, supplements and natural health products for functional health and optimal well-being. For over 25 years, quality, purity and potency remain the brand’s ideals.

Whether you’re looking to restore your skin’s vitality and promote joint health with Organika Enhanced Collagen Powder or add boost hair growth with Organika Hair Plus, you’ll find everything you need to look and feel your best with Organika’s extensive range of natural and effective supplements.

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Organika’s full line of potent health products are meticulously sourced and carefully crafted to give you the best results possible. By transforming research-backed nutrition into a new tool to promote wellness, you can take advantage of hundreds of Organika products that can significantly improve your quality of life.

Organika’s collagen supplements work by restoring your body’s collagen reserves, helping to reduce the signs of ageing by replenishing and revitalizing your skin. Since collagen is an essential protein that has many roles to play within the body, Organika Enhanced Collagen Powder can also be used to maintain healthy joints, hair and nails, giving you a great number of benefits in just one Canada-made supplement.

Other popular products from Organika’s range include Organika Hair Plus, a specially formulated blend of natural ingredients to enhance and encourage hair growth. Thin, brittle and lacklustre hair can occur due to hormonal changes, poor circulation, stress, and many more factors, but you can start reversing these effects with Organika today.