With regular green tea, you steep the tea leaves in boiling water and only consume what is extracted. By consuming only what is extracted, not only are you missing out on the many nutritional benefits found in the tea leaf but the process of boiling the leaves has also been found to destroy nutrients. With matcha, you are consuming the whole tea leaf. Matcha is a concentrated form of green tea and top tier matcha (ceremonial grade) contains 10 x the nutrients of regular green tea*. Matcha ninja is hands down the best tasting, easiest to use, raw, organic matcha on the planet! Matcha is also different from regular green tea in that it comes from tencha leaves. Tencha leaves are green tea leaves that have gone through a shading and de-stemming process. Matcha Ninja tencha leaves are shade-grown for three weeks before harvest, and our stems and veins are removed in the processing. This process increases the chlorophyll and antioxidant content of the leaf and also removes bitterness in order to make the best tasting matcha without having to add anything.
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