Is Four Sigmatic good for you?

There are many benefits to drinking Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee mix. Some include: increasing focus, reducing the jitters some receive from coffee and supporting your immune system.

What is Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee mix?

Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee mix is a blend of medicial mushrooms and organic arabica coffee beans. Four Sigmatic coffee mixes medium and smooth. Four sigmatic coffee is made so well that you won't even notice you are drinking a mushroom coffee mix. You will however notice that you haven't crshed around the middle of the day.

How much caffeine is in Four Sigmatic coffee?

Four Sigmatic coffee is made with only half the caffeine as a regular cup of coffee. Each cup of mushroom coffee contains only 50mg of caffeine as the mushroom coffee mix is a blend of organic arabica coffee beans and medicinal mushrooms such as Four Sigmatic lions mane.

Where to buy Four Sigmatic in Canada?

Where can I buy Four Sigmatic coffee in Canada you might be asking. Well, in our {biased} opinion we would suggest  Because of how popular Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee mix is though, you will see this supplement brand at your local health food store.

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