RAW, WILD-HARVESTED PINE POLLEN The Canadian Pine Pollen Company started from a quest for a healthy and active lifestyle fueled by a shared passion for the wild and complete respect for the land. Pine pollen is an incredible, 100% natural Canadian superfood, and when added to one's diet, it provides invigorating and rejuvenative effects. We set out to sustainably harvest this potent pine dust, taking care during each step of the process to maintain the integrity of the pollen's unique and complex nutrient composition. We adhere to the highest Canadian quality standards, as well as stringent internal Sustainable Harvest Protocols. There were bumps along the road, but the powers that be ultimately shined down on us, as we began to dial-in our wild-harvesting techniques. The most significant part of our learning curve involved the challenge of a limited (three day) window for harvesting. After a few days, a good wind will blow all the pollen away. The mountain ranges of B.C. have presented great opportunities for strategic approaches, especially when factoring in altitude. Our first harvest in 2016 was successful, albeit small. Our friends and family soon caught on to the benefits of pine pollen, and before long, we had to wrestle over the last of our stash.
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