What is Biosteel?

BioSteel is a sports supplement company and makes a wide range of products such as the famous pink Biosteel drink, which is a biosteel hydration mix. They also make Biosteel protein powders, Biosteel electrolytes and Biosteel preworkout powders.

Where to buy Biosteel in Canada?

So where can I buy Biosteel in Canada, is a phrase often asked. Obviously Vitamart.ca, but we are biased. Because Biosteel Canada is such a popular brand there are many health food stores you can buy it.

Who owns Biosteel Canada?

Biosteel Sports Nutrition Inc. was founded in Toronto by former NHL hockey player Michael Cammalleri and business partner John Celenza. In 2019 Canopy Growth Corporation acquired a majority stake in the Biosteel sports hydration mix company.

What is Biosteel Hydration Mix?

Of all the Biosteel drink supplements, the Biosteel Hydration is arguably the most well known. The Biosteel sports hydration mix originally started out as just the "pink" flavour has now grown to many different and delicious Biosteel flavours. The Biosteel sports drink is an all in one stimulant free and sugar free supplement  that helps support your workout. The uniqu combination of electrolytes, B vitamins, aminos and minerals support healthy sports drink hydration, recovery and muscle strength.


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