Beekeepers Naturals

It's time to challenge the status quo.

We're sick of mainstream "remedies" that are packed with artificial ingredients and come with nasty side effects. Call us crazy, but we think you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your values to feel better. That's why we're on a mission to reinvent the medicine cabinet - and save the bees while we’re at it. (Yes, we believe in dreaming big.) Make 'healthy' your new norm. Whether it's low energy, a scratchy throat, or brain fog, we all need an extra dose of TLC sometimes. When that time comes, you should be able to trust that the remedies in your medicine cabinet are safe, clean, and will actually work. That's where we come in. We're changing the game by holding the medicine cabinet to a higher standard. By pairing the most potent natural ingredients with scientific research and rigor, we craft the clean remedies you can rely on — every day.

But here's the crucial bit:

we’re obsessed with sustainability. In addition to giving the conventional medicine cabinet a clean sweep, we are dedicated to raising awareness and creating a better environment for our world's most important pollinators - the bees. Before it's too late.

Bees are crucial to the health of our planet. That’s why we do things differently.

Sustainability is our number one priority, which is why we work hard to ensure our bees are happy and healthy.

  1. We are dedicated to sustainable beekeeping.​ We never overharvest from our hives, we never feed our bees anything but their own products, and we are careful to ensure that our green apiaries are remote and far from harmful chemicals.
  2. Since honey bees can forage up to 5 miles in any direction from their hive, ​we commit to 3rd party pesticide testing​ to make extra sure that our hives and our remedies are pesticide-free.
  3. We also partner with two of the leading bee research institutions​ to raise awareness and support pollinator protection, ​The University of California Davis Honey Bee Research Facility​ and the ​Canadian Bee Research Fund​. ​We also donate 10% of the profits from our apparel line to support these charity partners​ and their crucial work.