5 Best Natural Sleep Aids That Work

5 Best Natural Sleep Aids That Work

Trouble sleeping can be caused by an alarming number of issues, most of which surprisingly stem from your health. For this reason, natural choices in a sleep aid are your best bet by far, to couple with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

What causes sleep issues?

On your search for a natural sleep aid, you may be asking yourself what exactly is causing your sleep issue? Many people have difficulty falling asleep, sleeping through the night, or sleeping for long periods of time. This can often be diagnosed as chronic insomnia, while still other people suffer with restlessness and trouble having a good night sleep. If this is the case, you may be looking for a natural sleep aid as a remedy. Overall, lack of sleep can be caused by stress, changes in hormone levels, diet, anxiety, nightmares, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, obesity, and even nasal congestion.

All of these issues leave you needing premium natural choices in a sleep aid, so here are the best options in a sleep aid to look for on the market:

5 Natural Sleep Aids That Work

1. Melatonin as a sleep aid.

Melatonin works as a natural sleep aid in that it is naturally produced by the body in the pineal gland of the brain. Furthermore, melatonin works as a sleep aid within your own body that is released on a nightly basis to regulate sleep cycles. If you are simply having a difficult time falling asleep or staying asleep, this sleep aid will work to regulate your sleep cycles so that you sleep more restfully as a result. This is a top natural sleep aid to take by far since your body creates this hormone on a nightly basis to work as a sleep aid for your rest. Melatonin provides a deeper sleep as a sleep aid, and it is also advised if you have jet lag or insomnia.

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2. Look for 5-Hydrotryptophan (5-htp) as a sleep aid.

5-htp is a common sleep aid ingredient that will work to naturally relax you and enhance your mood. If you couple this ingredient in a sleep aid supplement with the melatonin mentioned above, you can quickly relax and have a premium night's rest. This sleep aid ingredient is an amino acid naturally found within poultry and cheese, which may remind you of the relaxed feelings you get after you finish a Thanksgiving turkey! Not only does it make you happy, but it makes you sleepy, working as a natural sleep aid. It can also work to regulate your mood and appetite to promote healthy bodily functions in a sleep aid as you sleep.

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3. GABA as a sleep aid.

This is a helpful sleep aid supplement that will relax your body and mind, which is the issue that many people have in trying to go to sleep. If your thoughts are racing due to work or life stress, this sleep aid ingredient will work to promote relaxation in a deep REM cycle of sleep. This is often what so many people need in a sleep aid since constant anxious thoughts can have you staying up later than you would like to, or even staying awake if you happen to wake up in the night.

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4. Valerian extract as a sleep aid.

Valerian extract is an herbal sleep aid, and it has been used as an ancient remedy for centuries. It offers immediate help as a sleep aid in deeper and more restful sleep. This sleep aid ingredient works as a sedative, but it does not have the same side effects that you would find in a prescription sleep aid. If you're worried about sleeping too heavily and feeling a hangover when you wake up from using a sleep aid, this sleep aid ingredient will work naturally to prevent you from feeling groggy and tired after a full night's rest.

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5. Phosphatidyl choline as a sleep aid.

This is an ingredient that can be found in a sleep aid to reduce stress hormones in the body that can often be caused by strenuous exercise. Opt for this sleep aid ingredient if you are an athlete or vigorous exerciser. This sleep aid ingredient will work to reduce stress hormones so that you can easily relax and get a night's rest. It is recommended to regularly exercise to promote healthy sleep patterns, but it is still best to have a premium sleep aid ingredient to calm down stress levels in your body caused by exercise so that you can immediately fall asleep.

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When it comes to a product with Phosphatidly choline the best stress busting, mood boosting sleep aid we have in the store is Veeva. While it is a few dollars more than a couple of our other products, being that it really is an all in one product, it is totally worth it.

Can I use a sleep aid every night?

If you have a severe sleep issue, you may need to consult with your physician before taking a sleep aid. However, for many other Canadians who simply have a difficulty resting at night, a natural sleep aid is the answer that you have been looking for. If you hope to maintain your weight, live a healthy life, and prevent disease, sleep is highly necessary with the use of a premium sleep aid. Health professionals recommend to get around eight hours of rest on a nightly basis, but if you are having difficulty sleeping, you could be causing detrimental effects to your health.

General sleep aid tips.

In addition to the use of your sleep aid, it is recommended to exercise earlier in the day so that your body has time to return to normal levels as you are ready to go to sleep. If you exercise directly before bed, it may stimulate your heart rate and cause difficulty sleeping. It is also helpful to take a warm bath directly before bed, which will cause your body temperature to raise and lower, mimicking how your body naturally prepares for sleep. If you are an avid television watcher, it is often better to read a book directly before you go to bed so that your body can begin to relax. This works as a helpful sleep aid trick instead of watching television or surfing the Internet, which can keep you visually stimulated for hours on end.

Sleep Aid Conclusion

Overall, the above natural sleep aid supplements can make a dramatic difference in your rest on a nightly basis. This is your opportunity to rely upon proven and natural ingredients that will regulate sleep cycles so that your body has the opportunity to repair itself. This simple process will not only provide more refreshing energy throughout the day, but it will also prevent the onset and development of many diseases. Sleep is vital to your daily performance, health, and happiness, so investing in a natural sleep aid will provide a dramatic benefit to your everyday life!


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