5 Reasons To Use Hemp Protein

5 Reasons To Use Hemp Protein

One of the most popular reasons in integrating a protein supplement into your everyday diet is for health and balance to your lifestyle. When it comes to the best non-dairy alternative for a healthy protein supplement, hemp protein is your best bet by far compared to all of the other choices on the market. Hopefully this list will start to give you an idea of the immense health optimizing power of hem protein.

Here are a list of 5 Reasons to use Hemp Protein is so darn good for you:

  1. Hemp protein is a nondairy hemp protein supplement.

    Hemp protein is perfect for vegans and vegetarians. If you are a vega/vegetarian struggling to find balanced nutrition within your diet, then hemp protein is the perfect hemp protein product to use regularly. As a vegetarian, you may find it difficult to locate quality protein sources without meat in them, which makes hemp protein an all-star choice when it comes to a vegetarian friendly hemp protein supplement.

  2. Hemp protein is chock full of fiber.

    You may have heard many of the latest research and news regarding fiber and how important it is to a regular diet. The fiber in hemp protein will work to keep your body systems functioning properly, your colon in optimal health, and your metabolism soaring all day long. Regardless of your workout or fitness goals, the use of fiber within your diet will help to push toxins from your body and burn extra calories throughout the day. The truth of the matter is that most Canadians do not intake enough fiber on a daily basis, so the fact that you can gain extra fiber from your daily hemp protein supplement is a bonus not to be overlooked! Just as an example with the North Coast Naturals Raw Hemp Smoothie single serving of 30g, there are 10g of fiber! This is seriously ridiculous when you compare to whey protein which has basically zero!

  3. Hemp protein has healthy fats.

    Whether or not you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, or cut calories, it is necessary to have heart healthy omega fats within your diet. Often times, these are found within avocados, oils, and nuts, but an even easier option is to take advantage of hemp protein as a vital source of the natural fats that your body craves on a daily basis. It's like killing to birds with one stone (yes I realize a poor analogy for those into the animal friendly lifestyle) getting your protein AND your healthy fats from one powder. If your diet is harmfully low in good fats, then you could find your nails to be brittle, your skin to be dry, and your hair to begin falling out. And these are only the outer symptoms that your body is giving you! Your body needs good fats to survive, which will keep all of your tissues and muscles functioning beautifully, and hemp protein is the perfect hemp protein source to provide that to you! Again to compare to other common protein powders.....wait for it.....they don't have any healthy fats! Hemp protein again stands out from the crowd!

  4. Hemp protein won't bloat you.

    There are many stereotypes associated with the regular use of a protein supplement, one of which is extreme bloating from drinking a protein shake. If you are concerned about bloat or water rention caused by protein, then you will be happy to know that hemp protein provides a natural source without the bloat since hemp protein is a plant-based product. Furthermore, you won't have to worry about any bad breath often caused by protein supplements that are milk-based since hemp protein is such a natural protein substance. This will provide you with a clear and fresh taste to your hemp protein drink that is more than easy to enjoy!

  5. Hemp Protein Tastes Amazing.

    Here has to be my favourite one! While I will first say, not all hemp protein's taste amazing, there are definitely a select few taste really amazing! Also to be fair, whey protein has the best taste and mixes the easiest, but the newer hemp proteins on the market have definitely found their way! One of the ways that I found to really enhance the taste of Hemp Protein is almond milk which helps give it a much creamier and smooth consistency. As far as taste by far my favourite is the North Coast Naturals Raw Hemp Smoothie. If you are going to try one Hemp Protein that is definitely the one to try!

    The bottom line is that compared to many of the other protein supplements on the market, hemp protein is often seen as a super protein source. Hemp protein comes from plant ingredients, so hemp protein is gentle to vegetarians and those that may be lactose intolerant. Hemp protein also provides additional benefits in the form of fiber, which will work to clean out your system on a regular basis and stimulate the function of your digestive tract. If you are hoping to lose weight, tone, or build muscle through exercise, fiber is imperative. It's even better that hemp protein provides you with a quick fiber source within a protein supplement! As you work to cleanse your digestive tract through the use of additional fiber, hemp protein will also help the nutrients that you are intaking to be absorbed more efficiently. Hemp protein will work to promote fat loss and increase lean muscle mass in the long run since your body will be functioning better through this cleansing process.

Additional Hemp Protein and Natural Protein Information

Avoid soy protein if you have a thyroid condition.

As a last recommendation, any individual suffering from a thyroid condition may no longer be able to have soy protein products. If this is the case, soy protein is off the table, and hemp protein is often the best alternative. Hemp protein is an ideal choice for anyone with specific medical conditions, dietary concerns, or severe allergies. Hemp protein will provide you with all of the hemp protein content that you are looking for in a hemp protein supplement to enhance your daily life and meet your fitness goals.

Hemp is a complete plant protein.

The main thing that sets hemp protein apart is the fact that hemp protein is a plant source full of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, and on top of that, it is gluten-free! There are so many people out there with dietary concerns and restrictions, including eliminating gluten from their diet. Hemp protein provides a quick alternative in a hemp protein supplement for any type of dietary and lifestyle needs. This is something highly important to look for in a hemp protein powder, and when you couple that with the fact that hemp is full of high levels of amino acids, then it is virtually unstoppable. These hemp amino acids are vital for the repair of muscle groups after a workout, so it is recommended to take hemp protein directly after exercising for the best investment in your hemp protein supplement.

Hemp is the best source of natural protein!

Hemp protein is the best source of protein that you will find in the plant kingdom, and hemp protein  mimics similar structures to protein found within human body tissue. This hemp protein compound works to perfectly repair damaged DNA, and hemp protein is also easily and gently digested within the body. As a rule of thumb, it is always best to look for a hemp protein supplement that contains 50% hemp protein within each serving to see the maximum hemp protein benefits in your fitness and diet program!

Hemp Protein Conclusion

So now hopefully by reading all this you really see how amazing hemp protein is. If you are someone who is flavour conscious we highly suggest getting a flavoured hemp protein powder and start to enjoy all the amazing health optimizing benefits it offers. Seriously....what other protein is non-dairy based, gluten-free, high in fiber, contains health omega fats AND tastes great? Besides hemp protein I really don't know of many others.

Enjoy your delicious hemp protein.

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