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Bell Echinacea Powerful Immune Support (#25), 60 Capsules

by Bell

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Bell Echinacea Powerful Immune Combo Testimonials

Always had been plagued with sore throats and colds!

As a teacher I have so many contacts with people and would pick up infections that caused my sore throat for 3-5 days followed by a running nose and watery eyes for 5-7 days. Since taking Bell Echinacea Immune Support #25 at the first signs of a cold I have been able to escape the cold symptoms altogether or it would linger for one to two days max. I am very happy with the product.

-John Farrah, 61, Windsor, ON

Bell Echinacea healed skin infections!

All my life I had skin infections and was on and off antibiotics. In the last 9 months I was 4 times on it and did not want it anymore because of the negative side effects I always suffered. Bell Echinacea Combo #25 cleared up my skin infections in 5 days. I now take it regularly to prevent new infections. It is a wonderful product.

-Crystal Newton, 28, Regina, SK

Alleviates sore throat every time!

Echinacea Powerful Immune Support helps me every time I have a sore throat. As soon as I feel the first symptoms of a cold I take it and it stops the cold symptoms. It’s a great product. I told all friends and relatives.

-Nadia Pekar, 32, Mission, BC

Bell Echinacea Powerful Immune Combo Details

  • Formulated to fight infections by stimulating the immune system while giving bacterial, viral, and germ protection.
  • Helps to shorten duration of bronchitis, colds, flus, respiratory system problems, and skin problems.
  • Provides the following actions and properties: Analgesic, antibiotic, antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, and antiparasitic.
  • Echinacea is traditionally used to help remedy the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections.
  • Propolis is traditionally used to help alleviate sore throat and/or other mouth and throat infections.
  • Provides antioxidants for the maintenance of good health.
  • Echinacea was widely used by the North American Plains Indians for its healthy and holistic qualities.
  • GMO free and allergen free.

What makes our echinacea supplement so different from other Echinacea products is the combination of powerful ingredients that can help increase the body’s resistance to infection.

Here are a few of the ingredients featured in Bell Echinacea Immune Support:

Echinacea extract:

Echinacea is a group of flowering plants in the daisy family. This medicinal herb is native to North America and was used as a herbal remedy by Great Plains Indian tribes. The species used in our formulation is echinacea angustifolia. Echinacea root is traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help alleviate the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections. Echinacea has been found to stimulate the immune system and contains natural chemicals that can attack different types of fungi and yeast directly. Echinacea may also activate chemicals in the body to decrease inflammation.

Black cumin extract:

Black cumin is also known as nigella sativa. This flowering plant is native to Asia and the seeds are rich in antioxidants and immune-boosting properties. Seems that the Egyptians knew the secrets of this time-honoured seed. Even the great pharaohs used these seeds as a natural remedy in ancient times.

Olive leaf extract:

Olive leaf is the leaf of the olive tree. The Latin binomial for the olive tree is olea europaea. Olive leaf is rich in polyphenols and flavonoids. Two important antioxidants in olive leaf extract are oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol. Antioxidants are important to protect the body from free radical activity.

These are just a few of the effective herbs in the Echinacea Immune Support.

Nutrition Facts
Extract of fish peptide, Celery seed, Wild garlic, Passion flower, Barberry, Pomegranate, Micro crystaline cellulose


Additional Ingredients

Bell Echinacea Powerful Immune Combo supplement offers you a wonderful solution to your immune system issues. Pay attention to the functions of your immune system because this is your first line of defense against viruses, bacteria and many other micro organisms that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Get to know the benefits of Bell Echinacea Powerful Immune Combo. Benefit #1: Bell Echinacea Powerful Immune Combo helps strengthen the immune system. It basically promotes strong immune functions so you can become less susceptible to common ailments such as infections, coughs and colds. Regular intake of this supplement may also help in lessening the duration of existing problems. It works in increasing T-cell production which is essential in warding off micro organisms. Benefit #2: Bell Echinacea Powerful Immune Combo can shorten the length of recovery time. When you go down with the flu, how much time does it usually take for you to recover? It takes a long time for many people. In fact, you might even have to be saddled in your bed and skip work due to this. Using this supplement can ensure that you can recover quickly from illnesses. Benefit #3: Bell Echinacea Powerful Immune Combo may also help alleviate skin problems. Due to its ability to reduce the likelihood of infections, this also works in keeping skin protected. It may help reduce the appearance of pimples and acne caused by the excessive growth of bacteria in the pores. It may also prevent the occurrence of caustic and infected wounds. According to experts, it may also help those suffering from eczema and psoriasis. Benefit #4: Bell Echinacea Powerful Immune Combo can get rid of recurring infections. Vaginal yeast infections, ear infections, canker sores and urinary tract infections are just some of the problems that may recur. Occasionally having these health problems mean that your immune system leaves something to be desired. You need a supplement that might help boost immune functions. Benefit #5: Bell Echinacea Powerful Immune Combo may also help people suffering from gingivitis. It helps reduce bacteria overgrowth in the mouth which will come handy when it comes to preventing and treating gingivitis. It also strengthens the health of the gums which will keep this problem at bay. Benefit #6: Bell Echinacea Powerful Immune Combo may also help protect you from pollens and allergens. During that time of the month when allergens such as pollens and dust mites pollute the air we breathe, it is easy to succumb to respiratory illnesses such as hay fever. This supplement can help prevent that from happening. The benefits of Bell Echinacea Powerful Immune Combo are indeed useful in this day and age. With its help, the immune system can be strengthened. This can also be used to ensure that the body can recover faster from ailments. It may also work in preventing skin problems. Moreover, it also helps alleviate recurring infections. If you also have gingivitis, you can try using this. Keep your immune system strong and healthy with the aid of Bell Echinacea Powerful Immune Combo.

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