Bel Marra Immune Strong, 60 Capsules (NEW!)

by Bel Marra Health

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Bel Marra Immune Strong Cold and Flu Protection Details

  • Improves the immune system
  • Maximize health and wellness
  • Boosts immune response
  • Supports wound healing
Immune Strong contains 10 potent ingredients designed to give you ideal immune support. It contains a combination of botanical extracts clinically shown to help supercharge the immune system. On top of the immune boosting botanicals, it also contains vitamins and minerals essential for good health. Help to “insure” good health, and give your immune system the support it needs the entire year.

The Primary Ingredients:

  • Echinacea (combination of both extracts): Echinacea has been used in herbal medicine to help reduce the risk of getting sick. It also helps to get you back to feeling you best quick, and helps you spend more time healthy.
  • Ginseng: One of the best known natural boosters of the immune system, helping fight off threats. Other popular immune formulas only use ginseng, let along the other supportive ingredients our formula incldes
  • Zinc: It is essential for the immune system, playing a role in a number of different immune processes. Older adults are more likely to be deficient in zinc, so it provides the daily requirement.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is one of the vitamins people naturally think of to help stay healthy. It is key in helping you maintain good health. Andrographis paniculata: A traditional herbal immune booster, used in Asia in Europe, giving the formula yet another immune boosting ingredient. Vitamin A and E: These vitamins are also important in immune functioning. Helps insure the body has enough available, especially since the body uses up nutrients while fighting off an infection.
  • Selenium: Combined with vitamin C and zinc, it helps boost the effectiveness of Echinacea.
Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 2 Caplets
Servings per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value *
Zinc (Zinc Citrate) 15 mg  
Vitamin C ( Ascorbic acid ) 100 mg  
Vitamin A 750 mcg RAE  
Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) 13 mcg  
Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol) 33 mg  
Selenium (as Selenomethionine) 75 mcg  
Ginseng – 4% ginsenoside 200 mg  
Andrographis paniculata 200 mg  
Echinacea Root (As Echinacea purpurea P.E 4:1)
250 mg  
Echinacea Root (As Echinacea angustifolia P.E 4:1)
250 mg  
* Percent daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet
  † Daily Value not established
Note: Serving Sizes are rounded to the nearest whole serving

Additional Ingredients: Gelatin, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose.

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