Greens, Superfoods & Antioxidants

Greens and superfoods have amazing health benefits. They provide the essential vitamins and minerals you and your family need to maintain optimal health. In supplement form, you get easy and efficient delivery of these key nutrients without completely changing your entire diet, which can be difficult to manage on a long-term basis. 

Taking natural greens and superfoods can support your well-being naturally and effectively. If you’re looking to optimise your health, offers the best superfood powders, powdered greens and essential superfoods in Canada at the most affordable prices.

Discover our range of gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan superfoods and greens below. Get the best natural products for less from brands including AOR Vitamins, CanPrev, Genuine Health, Organic Traditions, NOW Vitamins and many more.

Greens powders contain ingredients such as barley grass, spirulina, chlorella, and a wide variety of nutrient and antioxidant-rich vegetables, herbs, fruits, and high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) berries. By powdering greens and superfoods, the natural supplements we offer have the power to strengthen your immune system, prevent illness, boost your energy and keep you looking young and healthy.

Geographical location can restrict your access to fresh fruits and vegetables that contain essential nutrients. This makes powdered greens and superfood supplements the best way to access vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Available in a variety of different blends, powders and capsules, greens and superfoods are easy to take, no matter your preference of supplementation. 

These organic supplements are perfect for busy people who often have little time to prepare healthy meals, especially if your family has varying dietary requirements, restrictions or preferences.