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What is the Webinar Series?

A series of 1 hour online webinars hosted by leading industry health experts on a variety of topics.

How can I attend a Webinar?

First you have to register for the specific upcoming webinar (web form at the top of the page). Then you attend directly through your computer at a specific date and time. Because it is computer based you can attend from any computer with an internet connection.

Why would I want to attend a Webinar?

This is the best question. Through our connections in the industry has gotten to know a variety of leaders and health experts. These industry professionals have many years of experience and knowledge which they are glad to share and teach you about.

What are the Webinar topics?

Our current focus is on the main areas of concern or most commonly used products. Reducing stress, multivitmains, heart health, women's health, fish oil, sports performance....among many others. We are also open to any topics you want to suggest as we can do our best to bring in a speaker for that topic.

How much are the Webinars?

FREE! Because of our relationships with the various brands we can typically leverage that into the speaker donating their time. This is remarkable as many of these speakings charge thousands of dollars for seminars and various workshops.


Upcoming Webinars:

At the moment we don't have any upcoming webinars however if you register above we will notify you when they are set up.


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