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Pollution Particles 'Get into Brain'

Article by David Shukman | Science Editor | Published:  September 5, 2016

Suspected of toxicity, the particles of iron oxide could conceivably contribute to diseases like Alzheimer's - though evidence for this is lacking. The finding - described as "dreadfully shocking" by the researchers - raises a host of new questions about the health risks of air pollution. Many studies have focused on the impact of dirty air on the lungs and heart. Now this new research provides the first evidence that minute particles of what is called magnetite, which can be derived from pollution...

Air Pollution: 'Heart Disease Link Found'

Article by Smitha Mundasad | Health reporter | Published:  April 26 2016

Researchers speculate the particles could then build up in blood vessels and raise the risk of heart disease. They say their early study - based on extremely small particles of gold - brings them a step closer to cracking the "mystery" of how air pollution and heart disease and stroke are linked. The work appears in ACS Nano. Air pollution is estimated to help shorten of the lives of about 40,000 people a year in...

In-Office Air Quality Contamination: What you don’t know WILL harm you

Dr. Mark H.E. Lin - BSc, DDS, MSc (Prostho), FRCD©   July 2017

“As dental professionals, we are mandated to use universal precaution protocols, sterilize our instruments, and disinfect surface contaminants, but indoor air quality controls have been IGNORED. Indoor air quality control should clearly be part of infection control protocol to protect patients, staff members and professionals.”

In the Air Tonight

Dr. Paul Feuerstein DMD   January 2011

“…[since installing a Surgically Clean Air system] there has not been a full-time employee who has missed work due to a cold or similar ailment. There is a tremendous reduction in dust”.

Menace in the Air

Journal of Integrated Dentistry   2016

Dental procedures inadvertently generate aerosols, containing organisms and debris from each patient’s oral activity, and these can be harmful to everyone present in the clinic…. air filters resulted in the significant reduction of viable particles in the air.

A Pilot Study of Bioaerosol Reduction Using an Air Cleaning System During Dental Procedures

School of Dentistry, Cardiff University 2010

Hazardous bioaerosols created during dental procedures can be significantly reduced using an air cleaning system.

Office printers emit hazardous [airborne] particles

By CBC News

Having a desk next to an office printer may be as bad as sitting next to someone who's smoking, scientist says. The printer may be a source of indoor air pollution and a potential health hazard, a CBC investigations team has found...

World Health Organization - Air Pollution Is The World's 'Largest Single Environmental Risk'

By Indrani Basu

Air pollution is the world's "largest single environmental risk", according to the World Health Assembly. The assembly passed a "landmark" resolution on air pollution after debating the topic for the first time ever...


Dr. Rella Christensen

The most common reason reported by dental clinicians for missing work is a respiratory infection.