Niyama Yoga Wellness Reviews

NIYAMA REVIEWS BY PRODUCT as of January 6, 2020


  1. 5 stars: Hydrating and Refreshing
    • After a tough and sweaty yoga practice I finds this helps me to regain my energy and also quenches my thirst. I like the taste and the fact that it is not as sweet as pure coconut water. It's a great product. I'm just using a mason jar to shake it up in, that seems to work pretty well. Thanks Niyama! – Lillian Dec 2019
  2. 5 stars: Love how easily it mixes
    • I’m always looking for a product that mixes well when I’m on the road. Just add this to a container of water and shake. No lumps or residue. Quick and easy with no fuss required - Jody
  3. 5 stars: I’m obsessed with this drink!
    • I can't get over how delicious this drink is. I had it after a super-tough yoga class and it worked wonders to prevent soreness the next day. Now I look forward to my yoga classes even more! - Sabrina
  4. 5 stars: Soooo good!
    • I love this stuff! It is the perfect, refreshing taste for after a hard class. I find it a great way to get another serving of water into my day too. I look forward to reaching for it! – Joanna T
  5. 5 stars: Tastes amazing!
    • This is the best tasting electrolyte drink I've ever had – it's just like a pinacolada without all the sugar :) I'm now looking forward to having this after every yoga practice! – Alina


  1. 5 stars: Perfect combination
    • I’ve been using this product for a couple months now and am very impressed. I used to take many of the ingredients separately which was not only a pain but also costly. Having it in one capsule makes life a breeze!
    • Highly recommend for those who are highly stressed and/or have any sort of anxiety or insomnia issues. - Margo
  2. 5 stars: A great balance of calm and gratefulness
    • I’ve struggled with anxiety for 6 years after having my second little. I am the forever planner, type A, perfectionist having weekly anxiety attacks. It’s been one month and I can’t believe the change. I’ve been so grateful and happy at where I am in my life. The old me worrying for when all good things are happening, the pendulum swinging to something negative is no longer there. – Cristine D
  3. 5 stars: Perfect Balance!
    • Wow! Daytime Zen is the perfect balance of organic time tested herbals that help see me through the late afternoon crunch of my stressful job. I'm finding clear and smart thoughts until 5 p.m. like never before: it's magic. Thank you Niyama! – Tiina M


  1. 5 stars: Amazing Energizer – Best I have had yet!
    • I have tried many supplements and this one takes the cake!
    • Taste is more natural and delicious than many of the other supplements I have had with artificial flavour names like Fruit Punch or Blue Raspberry. I also find it gives me a more natural and subtle awake feeling not the jolt of energy or tingles from others. I do not drink coffee so I like to take this daily to get me going and with others I find they are too strong and jittery. I am hooked! – Aisha B
  2. 5 stars: Healthier Mornings!
    • This completely changed my morning routines. This delicious all natural berry water is the first thing i drink in the morning. It replaced coffee and sugar. It gives a great boost, tastes great and gave me a way to drink more water in my day. All around positive impact in my days. Oh ya, did i say how yummy it is? – Yaz
  3. 5 Stars: game changer!
    • These products have improved my overall practice in a short time! Allowing for a stronger start and more graceful recovery, not to mention how delicious they are! Loving my new daily Niyama rituals! – Nadine M
  4. 5 stars: Delicious and Effective!
    • I take one scoop In cold water 45mins before I teach or practice and it’s SO good! I find it tastes like raspberries but unlike anything else’s I’ve ever tasted. Highly recommend as it’s very healthy too! – Genevieve
  5. 5 stars: Tastes Delicious!
    • I can't believe that this is a green drink. It tastes like juice, not grass - which many green drinks taste like. This is a perfect alternative to coffee in the morning, or I use it as an afternoon pick me up. It boosts my energy and satisfies my sweet craving all in one. – Marika B, ND
  6. 5 stars: Can’t imagine my morning without it
    • This product has been exactly what my morning routine was missing. Often before teaching or taking a class I don't have the time to eat a nourishing meal, so the fact that I can take this with me on my trip to the studio and feel energized before teaching or practicing has been a life saver. Easily mixes in a shaker with water and I really enjoy the taste. – Erica 
  7. 5 stars: Ah-mazing product!.
    • I'm obsessed with this product! It tastes delicious and it gives me the perfect boost of energy before my class (way better than a coffee :). – Joanna T
  8. 5 stars Redefined my hot vinyasa practice!
    • First off - this tastes amazing. It easily mixes into my water and does not chunk at all,  a common fault with powder mixes. I was able to complete my entire practise without feeling winded or even too sped up. Perfect subtle amount of energy. Could really feel the benefits from the MCT oil :)  Thank you and I can't wait to try your other products!! - Chiara


  1. 5 stars: Love it.
    • Smooth texture, no grit, no after taste, no GI issues. Can go down easily even mixed just with water, but great in smoothies. My favourite (so far) - blueberry, banana, coconut with cinnamon. – Jennifer W
  2. 5 stars: Love it!
    • I love this new organic pea protein powder for breakfast. It's so smooth and pure and it fills me to noon! Thank you Niyama!!! – Tiin1
  3. 5 stars: I thought I hated pea protein!
    • This protein powder is amazing!!! I thought I couldn't do a vegan protein because I typically don't like the taste of the pea portion, but this stuff is amazing, even with just water! Love it! Thank you Niyama for creating such a wonderful product.
  4. 5 stars: SO delicious!
    • Finally tried the protein powder this morning with my breakfast. Blended a frozen banana, frozen peaches, and oat milk with it -- it tasted like heaven. best smoothie i've made in some time, and I can't wait to experiment with flavours in the summer. Niyama, you've done it again.– Chiara
  5. 5 stars: Love these products!
    • I really LOVE the plant protein powder. It tastes amazing and is super smooth. The quality is excellent, super clean ingredients and delicious. Considering the quality of the product the price is unbeatable. I highly recommend as a holistic nutritionist and yogi. It is my new fave go to vegan based protein powder. The packaging is also gorgeous! – Rachelle W
  6. 5 stars: Organic Matters…great vegan protein!
    • I really enjoy the organic vegan protein powder in my smoothies...and so does my husband and daughter! It's not too sweet, no chalky taste, no bloating and super clean--no worries about GMOs, glyphosate or other harmful chemicals.
  7. 5 stars: Great tasting organic vegan protein!
    • As a Naturopathic doctor I am always on the look out for a great tasting vegan protein powder. I love that this one is also organic and that it blends so well, without a gritty after taste. I will definitely be using this in both my home and practice! – Marika Berni
  8. 5 stars: Exactly what I’ve been looking for.
    • Having been a vegan for a few years now, I have struggled to find a plant based protein that I enjoyed. When I discovered this beautiful line of products that not only aligned with my core values but understood my lifestyle as a yogi, I was extremely excited. This protein is by far the best plant based protein I've tried. It is easily incorporated into smoothies and equally delicious with just water in a shaker. One of my favourites of this product line up and I can't recommend it enough. It has become a staple in my routine.  -Erica


  1. 5 stars: Sleeping like a baby…finally!
    • I have struggled with a busy mind and insomnia for years. I am so happy that I am finally having the most restful and consistent sleeps thanks to your product. – Cristine
  2. 5 stars: Wonderful product – it works!
    • I tried Niyama Wellness Sleep Like Buddha after experiencing chronic insomnia. I have taken medicated sleeping pills in the past which left me groggy in the morning. Sleep Like Buddha helped me both fall asleep and stay asleep through the night while not leaving me feeling groggy in the morning. I have tried several natural sleep aids but this is by far the best one.
  3. 5 stars Amazing
    • From the first use it works. Helps me calm my mind and body before bed. Absolutely love this product and recommend it to anyone that has trouble sleeping and wants to avoid heavy sleeping medication. – Rebecca
  4. 5 stars: Sleep Like Buddha + Yoga for Deep Sleep
    • I didn't want to take sleeping pills so when I found out about this natural alternative I had to try it and it was fantastic! I use it regularly. It helps your brain slow down and makes it easy to relax and drift off to sleep. One of my go-to supplements now. – Lauralee G.