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Keith's Stats

Name: Keith Madsen

Home: Edmonton, Alberta

Height: 6'2"

Weight Start: 225lb

Weight After: 200lb

Occupation: Operations Manager Singer of Acronycal

Favourite Supplements: Mutant ProMagnum Serum, Progressive Multi for Active Men


Keith's Story:

I never really thought those before and after pictures on websites were real till I managed to make such a transformation myself! All my life I had been pretty active but my last 2 years of going to university, being in a full time rock band, having a girl friend and working to pay the bills really slowed me down. I didn't have time to work out (or at least I thought i didn't) and I found my self eating out...A LOT! It was out of control and I didn't really notice it because of how busy I thought I was I just assumed I was being active and that I would be ok eating whatever.

It wasn't until February of 2010 that I really noticed how far I had let myself go... I had now graduated from university and was working full time for It was when I looked back at a picture my ex girl friend had taken of me on my phone with my shirt off when I realized "Holy crap I had let go!". I knew it was time for a change because I didn't like the way I looked. And as selfish as it sound my change was for aesthetic purposes I'm not going to beat around the bush as I know my dream of a career in the NHL or NFL would never come true lol

Even though I actually had less time on my hands since my band was becoming even more full time plus I was working full time I decided I needed to but this change into motion. Motivation in my opinion is the key to success because even if you don't have more free time you'll find some.

There are lots of aids to help you achieve your goals for fitness such as trainers and supplements but to keep my self motivated was the key! I had lots of great reasons. I realized how much I had let myself go, within a month of deciding to make the change me and my girl friend broke up,I was getting made fun of by my band mates and I was surrounded by supplements everyday at work. All these things helped me make the change. Whether it was for the right or wrong reasons that is still to be determined but I know that what I look like now I am definitely happy with.

I contribute my success to a lot of different areas:

  • Friends: for making fun of me, regardless whether you like hat it or not it made me look at myself again. (and don't worry they will still make fun of you when you look better than them to so learn to shake it off lol) ans noticing when I was finally looking good and making comments about that! (you'll know when they start to be jealous lol)
  • Co-Workers: my boss Mark, Owner of, had a wealth of knowledge when it came to supplements and knew the exact way to steer my choices to help me see the gains I needed
  • Surroundings: I do have a lot of fast food around my home but there are also a lot of gym's that are even within a short drive or running distance. I found surrounding my self by different food in my house and finding a gym within running distance reduce the craving for garbage food and reduced the excuses for not going.
  • Trainer: I have a Bachelor in Physical Education at the U of A (essentially I'm a glorified personal trainer) which helped as I knew how to work out properly. But there are so many magazines and trainers out there that chances are you can find the right resource for you
  • Myself: Keeping motivated when you attempt that first 5k or 10k run, find yourself sprinting up the Glenora stairs (Edmonton, AB), or finally getting your self in a good routine, it is not an easy thing to do but if you put you mind ot it you can achieve anything.

Every part from the training to the supplementation was extrememly important and I want to share some of the product I found most useful for training.

Favorite Protein: PVL, Mutant Pro 4.4lb low cab higher protein, one scoop shake in the morning one scoop shake after a workout gave me the protein i needed and promoted fat loss with the CLA's infused

Favorite Creatine: Magnum Serum Creatine (it gave me more energy than others but I never got the "pump" that some people talk about, I didn't get bloated and actually noticed great changes while using it). Key it to make sure you drinking lots of water all day long

Favorite Multivitamin: Progressive Multi for Active men. This product had everything I needed to balance out my diet.

So with these 3 products I made the transformation from what I was to what I am. That's it! and the end of the day always fallow the labels on products and they tell you typically how they are best used... or at least that's what I did. Remember everyone reacts differently to products like these and can see better or lesser effects but let me tell you the combination worked wonders for me.

And if your thinking what about my diet for eating I up the protein and fruit/vegetable per meal and decreased the amount of carbs. Now I still don't really eat good but I work out hard enough to burn it off. Its about balance!

And if your thinking how hard did you have to work out...The answer is HARD! I like the taste of food so its hard to give up everything! I started 4 days a week and got up to 6 now. Cardio is the key and build muscle to the point you are comfortable with don't waste your time with 6 chest and tricep exercises every Monday lol do a couple to maintain and focus on your cardio and abs to trim that mid section. But remember that's just my opinion...

Anyway I just want to say a BIG Thanks to Mark and the whole crew at for great advice, prices, and customer service! :) I would refer the site for product and advice anytime!

Favourite Supplements:


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