Your Best Post Workout Protein Choice

Your Best Post Workout Protein Choice

If you are looking for the ideal source of whey protein for your post workout recovery, then it is best to look to whey protein isolate first in the concentrate form. One of the reasons that whey protein is relied upon after a workout is that it is very quickly digested and used immediately by the body. This source of protein will be efficiently utilized to promote quick muscle growth and reduce the workout recovery time overall. Whey protein is also full of amino acids that help to build lean muscle mass, which is ideal for either training for competition or losing weight in general.

Lose weight by building muscle.

The interesting thing to keep in mind is that if you are hoping to lose weight, the best way to do so is by building muscle. There is no easier way to do that than with using a whey protein, which will allow you to build more lean muscle mass to burn additional calories all day long. Muscle burns more calories than fat as a given, so if you are having a difficult time losing the weight that you are hoping to, then building muscle mass through the use of a whey protein supplement will give you the jumpstart you need to push through your fitness plateau.

Nonetheless, when it all comes down to it, how are you supposed to choose between whey protein isolate or a whey protein concentrate for your post workout protein supplement?

  • Whey protein comes from milk, and it is a byproduct that is created when milk is made into cheese. It is then filtered and processed, which removes much of the fat and lactose from the protein. This leaves it in two different forms, either a concentrate or an isolate.
  • The main difference between the concentrate protein and isolate protein form is that the isolate is a pure product. This means that the isolate will contain even more protein with less content of lactose and fat in every serving.
  • As a basic guideline, a regular whey protein concentrate will contain around 75% protein, and a whey isolate can contain up to 95% protein. For this reason, the isolate protein is the best choice directly after workout because it will give the body the protein it is craving, and allow you to have a quicker post workout recovery time.
  • One other reason the isolate protein may be a better choice is for those who are lactose intolerant. Drinking a regular whey protein may present difficulties if you have a hard time digesting milk products, so the isolate protein will be more easily digested because it contains less lactose.
  • Whey protein concentrate is still an ideal source of protein, but if you are hoping to specifically target your workouts to lose additional weight or even gain muscle mass, then the better choice by far between the two is a whey protein isolate.

Whey protein isolate has proven to absorb directly into the muscles. Again, it has a very high concentration of protein, so it promotes immediate muscle building abilities directly after a workout.
Whey protein isolate also provides immune boosting benefits. This is something that will balance the nutrition your body, and it will also boost the immune system to prevent disease and illness. Interestingly enough, a study from Ohio State University also showed that the use of whey isolate protein can prevent the development of prostate cancer in the men.

Whey isolate protein is the more pure form of protein, and if you are hoping to get the maximum amount of protein possible, then you truly can't beat the benefits provided in up to 15% more protein in a single serving.

One major benefit not to be overlooked in the use of whey isolate protein is that it also raises glutathione levels in the body. This is a very small molecule located in the body's cells, and it also works as an antioxidant. The reason that this is so important is because the body needs antioxidants to protect itself from free radical damage. Free radicals come from a number of outside sources, including pollution, sun exposure, and smoking. They can eat way at the body's cells, causing premature aging and disease. Exercise also temporarily causes an influx of free radical damage in the body, but it is quickly counteracted by the body's immune system and nutrients provided.

Pay the price for quality

One thing to keep in mind is that whey isolate protein is slightly more expensive than whey protein concentrate. However, when you consider the fact that it will generate immediate results in absorbing into the muscles for building lean muscle mass, it is a worthwhile investment by far. One of the main reasons that a bodybuilder should rely upon the use of whey protein isolate is that weight lifting exercise can often cause stress on the body. If you don't provide the nutrients that you need, your body can suffer as a result. The point of exercise and weightlifting is to create stress on the body to build muscle and build fitness levels overall. If you're using a stronger protein product, like whey isolate protein, then you have the opportunity to generate even greater results in your fitness goals.

Get maximum results in building muscle.

If you are not intaking a reputable source of whey protein isolate after working out or building muscle, you won't experience the benefits that you are looking for, and you will potentially leave yourself vulnerable to disease. The truth of the matter is that whey protein isolate has the highest absorption power and efficiency of all whey protein supplements. The BV value of whey protein isolate is at 150, which is the highest available. This is the perfect protein supplement to be used in the morning to replenish levels of protein, and also directly after a workout to promote advanced muscle growth and recovery. This is the advanced help that you have been looking for if you are hoping to build muscle mass or even lose weight through exercise and weight training. An isolate will provide you with the most bang for your buck so that you can trust that your protein is doing its job.

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