7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Using Natural Toothpaste

7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Using Natural Toothpaste

Is natural toothpaste really better than the real thing? When it comes to your toothpaste purchase, it does make a difference in what type of toothpaste you choose, and you may be endangering your health simply by purchasing an over-the-counter toothpaste instead of a natural alternative.
Natural and affordable.
What many consumers don't realize is that natural toothpaste is rarely more than a dollar or two per tube more than a commercial toothpaste product. The main benefit to this small additional cost is that you can ensure that you will not be putting synthetic or chemical toothpaste ingredients into your system. In fact, in time natural toothpaste prices will continue to drop so that they will be more and more similar in price to commercial toothpaste products, soon even becoming the same price as leading drugstore brands on the market.

Do natural toothpastes actually work?

This is something that concerns many people in switching to natural toothpaste. If you are wondering if natural toothpaste will work as well as a commercial toothpaste, then you are in for a treat because this choice will provide even better cleaning in the ability to effectively kill bacteria! Natural toothpastes still can have that same minty fresh flavor, but the best part of all is that they are made from natural ingredients that will effectively remove stains and whiten the teeth in the process. Nowadays, natural toothpastes are made so well that they have the same consistency as a regular drugstore toothpaste brand so that you can hardly tell the difference in comparison!
If this sounds too good to be true when it comes to your toothpaste choice, here are the top seven benefits of natural toothpaste for your daily life!

1.    Natural toothpaste gently and safely cleans your teeth. Natural toothpastes will still work abrasively to foam and clean bacteria from your teeth. The best part of all is that natural toothpastes will not contain artificial colors and flavors, which can often negatively impact the body. If you think about the fact that your choice in toothpaste will be directly affecting your circulatory and nervous system by being absorbed through your saliva into your body, it makes you want to think again about what type of toothpaste that you are using, doesn't it?

2.    Natural toothpastes will still remove stains. When switching to natural toothpastes, you may be concerned about whether or not they will effectively whiten and remove stains from your teeth. Many natural toothpastes contain silica, which is a mineral whitening ingredient to provide even greater benefits in a sparkling smile full of pearly whites! Furthermore, many natural toothpastes also contain baking soda, which has been proven to work as a natural whitening ingredient to polish the surface of the teeth.

3.    Natural toothpastes are ideal for children. One of the issues with children brushing their teeth is that they will often swallow their toothpaste completely instead of spitting it out. This generally happens when children learn to brush their teeth, but if you're concerned in any way about the artificial ingredients that they are swallowing, it is best to switch to natural toothpastes. The main benefit to natural toothpastes is that they don't contain any laurel sulfate, and most of them will come fluoride free to provide numerous health benefits. Natural toothpastes are entirely safe for children in that they can swallow them without any harm to their body or digestive system!

4.    Natural toothpastes provide additional benefits to the body. Many natural toothpastes are supplemented with calcium and vitamin C as an added benefit to provide healthy teeth from the inside out. These calcium and vitamin C supplements will offer nutritional benefits to the body in the form of healthy gums and teeth within these natural product alternatives.

5.    Natural toothpastes work to effectively freshen your breath. Many of these toothpastes contain essential oils for breath freshening, like spearmint essential oil. This will work to provide the same breath freshening benefit as many commercial toothpastes on the market with the advantage being that they are natural choices in toothpaste products. This is a more effective way to freshen your breath safely without chemical additives and ingredients in your toothpaste.

6.    Natural toothpastes can soothe swollen gums. If you have any type of health issues causing swollen gums, it may be difficult for you to find a commercial toothpaste that is gentle enough to use. What you must know is that natural toothpastes contain specialized natural ingredients, like biologically active blue-green algae from Oregon, that can work to cleanse and soothe the gums for added health benefits. This way, you won't have to worry about harsh chemical ingredients within your toothpaste because these types of natural ingredients will protect your gums while cleaning your teeth. What more can you ask for?

7.    Natural toothpastes prevent allergic reactions. Many people are allergic to a number of chemicals in commercial products that they aren't even aware of! These chemical reactions can cause inflammation or allergies, which can easily be prevented by natural choices in toothpaste products. Sodium Laurel Sulfate is a common ingredient used in many commercial toothpaste products, and it is highly irritating. This is a detergent that helps commercial toothpaste products foam when you brush your teeth, but it is also likely to cause inflammation in the gums. Using a natural toothpaste is your best bet to prevent allergic reactions and protect the health of your mouth.

Which natural toothpaste is right for me?

With that being said, how do you know which of these natural toothpastes will be right for you? You can shop for natural toothpastes as you would any other toothpaste product. Begin by looking for ingredients to meet your needs in breath freshening, whitening, and teeth health. When you begin to use natural ingredients within your toothpaste, you will see a dramatic difference in freshening your breath, reducing plaque, and naturally whitening your teeth. These natural toothpastes are also ideal for vegans who do not want any animal byproducts within their toothpaste products, and many are not tested on animals.
Truly, choosing a natural toothpaste is the best way to protect the health of your body and benefit the health of the environment by reducing your use of harmful chemicals in your toothpaste!

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