7 of the Most Popular Vitamins and Why You Should Take Them

7 of the Most Popular Vitamins and Why You Should Take Them

When you are shopping for the right vitamins, it may seem like an overwhelming task! When you can choose vitamins from A to Z, where do you even begin? Of course, there are many popular vitamins on the market that you may already be familiar with, like vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E. However, with this comprehensive guide to the best vitamins, you can easily choose the right vitamins for your lifestyle and dietary needs that are often off of the beaten path.

Why take these vitamins?

1.    Vitamin A: Vitamin A is often called beta-carotene, and it is a necessary antioxidant to protect the health of the body. This is an aggressive vitamin that will neutralize free radical damage within the body, and it will also prevent excessive cell damage. Regular exercise causes a release of free radicals, which means that as an athlete or exerciser, you need intense vitamins to neutralize that damage and protect your body overall.

2.    Vitamin B: Vitamin B actually encompasses many different choices, some of which are called thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin. These vitamins can protect the nerves in the eyes, reduce inflammation, and also improve the metabolism. A very helpful form of vitamin B, vitamin B6, is essential for athletes because it promotes protein, fat, and carbohydrate breakdown in the body. Another helpful B vitamin is vitamin B3, which produces enzymes in the body to promote metabolism in the cells. Overall, this will work to decrease cholesterol, and it will also reduce the risk for migraines, depression, and heart attacks. Vitamin B5 is another B vitamin that can be used by athletes because it works as a coenzyme to help in carbohydrate metabolism. This is highly important for normal body function and development, and it will also offer greater food energy from what you have eaten.

3.    Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a well-rounded supplement, and it will provide benefits in advanced wound healing, preventing free radical damage, and also improving bone health. If you are a woman at risk for osteoporosis, it is important to take vitamin C within your calcium supplement because it will help for better calcium absorption to protect your bones overall.

4.    Vitamin D: Vitamin D dissolves in the fat of the body, and it can be naturally made by the body with sun exposure. The reason the vitamin D is so important is because it aids in calcium absorption, which is what protects the health of your bones. That is why you will find many milk products fortified with vitamin D to prevent rickets and osteoporosis. This can prevent deformities in children, and it can also protect the bones as an adult. It is recommended to get around 15 minutes of sun exposure on a daily basis so that your body can naturally produce vitamin D, as well as take a vitamin D supplement.

5.    Vitamin E: Vitamin E is fat soluble within the body, and it works as an antioxidant. The reason that this is so beneficial is because antioxidants will neutralize free radical damage to prevent premature wrinkles and illness in the body. This can further prevent the development of cancer and cardiovascular disease. More specifically, vitamin E will prevent blood cells from sticking within the blood vessels, which lowers blood pressure overall.

6.    Biotin: This vitamin promotes growth and development within the body. This is a perfect vitamin for bodybuilders and athletes because it will relieve depression and muscle pain. This means that by taking this vitamin regularly, you can count on premium muscle development by being able to bounce back more quickly from a hard workout.

7.    Flavinoids: This is another helpful vitamin choice, which is important to take with vitamin C to improve absorption and prevent it from oxidizing. This vitamin will also promote health in the blood vessels and improve capillaries within the body. Overall, it will offer anti-inflammatory benefits in the body, and it will also lower blood pressure by relaxing the cardiovascular system. Many people rely upon this vitamin to stop the growth of tumors as well.

Try a multivitamin.

These vitamins are definitely the top choices to look for by far in a first rate supplement. The best way to go about choosing the top vitamins for your lifestyle is to first of all determine what your deficiencies or needs may be. If you are an athlete, there are specific vitamins that will help to improve your performance and muscle growth. Otherwise, you may want to consider the use of multivitamins as the quick help you have been looking for to get several of these vitamin choices within one place.

Individual supplementation.

One thing to keep in mind is that many times, a multivitamin still won't have enough of each individual vitamin for your proper daily dosage. If you are focusing on one or several of the above vitamins for supplementation, you may be better off taking them individually instead of within a multivitamin. This will give you the opportunity to target specific conditions in your body that may be caused by vitamin deficiency by focusing on one or two vitamins as individual supplements instead of several in a multivitamin form. Of course, this directly depends upon your lifestyle and dietary needs as to which individual supplementation may be best for you.

A quick way to balance your diet.

The truth of the matter is that most people are not getting all of the vitamins that they need on a regular basis. If you are able to find a multivitamin full of the recommended amounts of these vitamins mentioned above, it will work to enhance your health dramatically from head to toe. It will also give you the stamina and strength that you need to boost your energy throughout the day so that you can workout stronger and smarter within your fitness regimen. Here's to a whole new you!

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