6 Reasons Why Timed Release Protein Is the Ultimate One Size Fits All Protein Powder

6 Reasons Why Timed Release Protein Is the Ultimate One Size Fits All Protein Powder

If you are looking for a powerhouse of protein for your diet or exercise program, timed release protein is where it's at! Timed release protein is in short a protein blend of different types and variations of protein. These normally include egg timed release protein, casein timed release protein, milk timed release protein, and whey timed release protein. This is a versatile timed release product that can be used for a number of purposes at various points throughout the day to achieve maximum benefits.

A normal protein supplement will be quickly absorbed and digested as soon as you take it, which is ideal if you are about to workout or begin your day. However, if you want to see your results spread out throughout the day, a timed release protein supplement will give you constant absorption for hours at a time due to the slow digestion process. It is made up of a number of different protein sources, which are all designed to be absorbed by the body and digested at different times. In a sense, your body is doing the work for you by digesting all of the different timed release protein sources accordingly so that your energy levels can stay high for the day ahead of you.

First off, let's discuss how timed release protein can benefit your everyday lifestyle.

  • If you are hoping to build muscle mass and increase the quality of your workout, then a timed release protein with casein is exactly what you're looking for. Casein timed release protein is slowly released to last for up to seven hours after ingesting, and it's also ideal to take before bed if you are hoping to build muscle. This will provide you with the opportunity of a timed release protein all night long to achieve the maximum benefits in building lean muscle mass. Timed release protein will also work to reduce your body fat and push you through your plateau in reaching your ultimate fitness goals.
  • For muscle gaining with timed release protein, try 100% Casein Protein by Optimum Nutrition.


  • You can use timed release protein for timed released nutrients throughout the day. This will allow you to continually burn calories, enhance your workout, and gain weight if you are trying. A timed release protein weight gain product will be ideal if you are hoping to gain serious muscle mass and burn excess body fat in a minimal amount of time. This will also provide balanced nutrition so that you can rest assured that your immune system is protected throughout your training and weight gain process. These timed release protein weight gain powders can easily be blended with a number of other ingredients for a quick pre-or post-workout smoothie.
  • Try Interactive Nutrition Mammoth 2500 for a weight gainer timed release protein supplement.


  • Enhance the results that you are already getting! Protein is quickly metabolized by the body, but if you're using a time release protein product, then you can count on nutrition, energy, and benefits all day long. Many people relying upon the use of a protein shake want to get their money's worth, and you can count on an impressive outcome by using a timed release product. This means that the protein that you take in the morning will stick with you all day long to give you the results that you are looking for. Of course, this is something primarily used by bodybuilders because it allows them to maintain their protein benefits from morning till afternoon. Still, even if you are a single mom, an overworked student, or a high school athlete, this same timed release protein can work for you. It will allow you to continually receive nutrients throughout the day to perform a variety of different tasks. You will be surprised at how much more energy you can have simply by enhancing your diet with a timed release protein that will give you the results that you are looking for!


  • The main benefit to timed release protein is its versatility in that it can be used any time of day. No matter what your needs may be, you can take timed release protein in the morning to see energy throughout your workday, at lunch to maintain your energy levels through the afternoon, or even in the evening before you go to bed to continue to metabolize and build lean muscle mass all night long. Timed release and timed release protein is a viable tool for anyone looking for a protein supplement, and you don't have to be a bodybuilder to use it!
  • As another benefit, timed release protein will also work to improve your workout recovery to strengthen and minimize muscle soreness. This is vital if you are an athlete training for competition, but it's also helpful if you are starting a new workout plan and hoping to stick to it. It is quite easy to become derailed from your workout plan by getting discouraged when you become sore due to hard exercise. Using a timed release protein supplement will keep your body in constant repair mode so that your muscles can bounce back faster, and you can return to your workout easily.


  • The addition of a timed release protein supplement to your diet will promote a faster metabolism, allowing you to burn that excess fat. There is nothing more frustrating than working out over and over again and not being able to kick your belly pooch. You may be in fantastic physical shape, but if you are not fueling your body correctly or intaking the right nutrients, then you will not get the six pack that you are hoping for. This timed release protein will offer you maximum timed release protein synthesis, and it will also work to release fat storage and burn calories more efficiently.

Simply taking a timed release protein supplement in the morning or afternoon will give you the protein that you need all day long, thus sizzling your excess belly fat for a sleeker new physique in months! This is literally the help that you have been looking for to break through your plateau and see your fitness results realized.