5 Supplements to Help You Quit Smoking Naturally

5 Supplements to Help You Quit Smoking Naturally

Smoking is something that so many people struggle with regularly, and it can often be more difficult to quit than you think. If you are hoping to stop smoking, it can dramatically improve your health, preventing a number of diseases, cancer, and even damage to your skin.

What are the dangers of smoking?

If you want to stop smoking, it is important to understand the dangers of smoking in general. Smoking is physically and psychologically addicting, making you want to continue to smoke over and over again. As you are trying to stop smoking, understand that nicotine within cigarettes will raise blood pressure and the heart rate, leaving you open to a number of health issues. Tar within cigarettes can also accumulate within the lungs, potentially causing lung damage and lung cancer. Smoking additionally increases levels of carbon monoxide within the body, which is poisonous and toxic to your bodily systems. Not only will this negatively impact your health, but it will also cause your skin and nails to start to suffer. You may have noticed that many smokers have yellow and dull skin, with brittle and yellow nails. If you want to look your absolute best and maintain health in your body, it is to your advantage to stop smoking right away!

The great news for you to know if you are hoping to stop smoking is that there are a number of natural supplements to help you stop smoking. Here are the 5 best choices in supplements to stop smoking:

1.    ZeroSmoke to stop smoking. This is a natural treatment to help you stop smoking that will activate neurotransmitters within the brain to prevent your desire to smoke. Much of smoking is psychologically addictive, which you will find as soon as you try to stop smoking. This stop smoking supplement has an 80% success rate to help you stop smoking altogether. This stop smoking kit contains two bio magnets, which exert a magnetic force to stimulate neurotransmitters within the body. This will produce endorphins naturally, which inhibits the desire to smoke so that you stop smoking. This stop smoking supplement is a safe treatment, especially if you are looking for a natural way to stop smoking right away. This stop smoking kit will also stimulate acupuncture points within the outer ear, which works to reduce the desire for any cigarettes at all.

2.    Lobelia to stop smoking. This is an herbal ingredient that helps curb the issues of nicotine withdrawal that are often common when you stop smoking. This herbal ingredient can be found within many stop smoking products on the market, and it increases dopamine through the neurotransmitters within the brain, in the same way that smoking a cigarette would. The reason that cigarettes are psychologically and physically addicting is because they increase dopamine to enhance the mood and provide feelings of relaxation and pleasure. This herbal stop smoking ingredient can provide the same benefits to help individuals stop smoking altogether. This herbal ingredient can be toxic if abused, so it should not be used without professional guidance. This herb can help you stop smoking right away without the nasty cravings caused by nicotine withdrawals.

3.    Ginseng to stop smoking. Ginseng is a common herbal ingredient, and it provides benefits to help you stop smoking. Ginseng can prevent the release of dopamine in the brain caused by nicotine intake, which is what many people are addicted to when it comes to smoking. Ginseng can be found within many stop smoking supplements to prevent withdrawal and cravings and also to regulate levels of mood.

4.    St. John's wort to stop smoking. St. John's wort is a supplement normally used for depression, but it can also provide benefits to help you stop smoking. In a study that was conducted, individuals that smoked one or more cigarettes on a daily basis used St. John's wort as a treatment. After a 12 week period to stop smoking, 37.5% of the group succeeded in quitting smoking altogether. The point of the matter is that this stop smoking ingredient is safe as a supplement, but if you are taking antidepressants or other medications, it may be counteractive. Before taking this natural supplement to stop smoking, consult with your doctor to determine that it is safe for your use to stop smoking.

5.    Valerian to stop smoking. This is a sedative herbal ingredient that is often used to induce sleep or calm the body. This herb can be used to stop smoking in that it will provide sedative benefits to combat withdrawal symptoms. This is an herb often used within an antidepressant, and it reduces anxiety and fear. It is important to consult with your physician before taking this herb to stop smoking since it works as a central nervous system depressant, but it can provide great benefits in reducing withdrawal symptoms so that you can easily stop smoking with a minimal amount of stress.

Protect your health, and stop smoking!

Many people make goals to stop smoking as a New Year's resolution, although it never happens. Once you understand the detrimental health effects that smoking has on your body, it is important to become motivated to stop smoking right away. This is your opportunity to add years to your life, reduce your risk for disease, and improve your appearance overall by stopping smoking!
What to expect when you stop smoking.

Did you know that you will see immediate benefits when you stop smoking? Even 20 minutes after you stop smoking, your blood pressure and heart rate will drop. 12 hours after you stop smoking, carbon monoxide levels in your body will return to normal. Two weeks after you stop smoking, your lung function and circulation will dramatically improve. Six months after you stop smoking, coughing will reduce, lung function will return to normal, and the risk of infection will subside. One year after you stop smoking, you will have lowered your risk of coronary heart disease by half of a regular smoker!

The best thing that you can do for your health is to stop smoking! The above supplements will make the process of quitting smoking easier for you overall, and they will also work to benefit your health simultaneously. This is your opportunity to contribute to the rest of your life by stopping smoking right away to immediately prevent disease, toxicity in the body, and visible signs of premature aging. When you use these natural supplements to stop smoking, you will see dramatic benefits in your daily health and quality of life!

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