Strauss Naturals have a range of herbal formulas that help people of all ages manage and maintain their health. The brand creates specialized herbal drops with a unique extraction method, which captures key herbal compounds and provides clinically proven results, allowing you to benefit from Strauss’ potent and effective dietary supplements.

Although the brand is most recognized for its pioneering Strauss Heart Drops, we carry a range of equally impressive herbal supplements in dropper bottles that can improve your health in multiple areas.

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Strauss Naturals are committed to making dietary supplements that work, and at Vitamart, we only carry premium-quality products that are guaranteed to deliver the results you desire. 

The brand’s flagship formula is Strauss Heart Drops. It was developed in 1980 after the creator, Jim Strauss, suffered a heart attack. This well-researched and carefully crafted herbal supplement transformed his life, and nowadays, the herbal supplement helps thousands of people maintain a healthy heart. It promotes circulation and helps maintain normal triglyceride and cholesterol levels, effectively supporting cardiovascular function in people of all ages. While the product range has been continually refined to improve its potency, it stays true to the traditional family recipe. 

Strauss Naturals have remained a top-quality brand for over 40 years, creating and developing unique formulas made at their Good Mfg Practice (GMP)-certified, Canadian NNHPD-licensed and US FDA-inspected facility. Their products are tested at a third-party laboratory for strength and purity, giving you extra peace of mind and value for money when purchasing Strauss Naturals products.

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