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BestVitamin Best Grass-Fed Beef Liver 500mg (100% Pure, No Fillers), 180 Capsules

by BestVitamin

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  • Non-GMO
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BestVitamin Best Grass-Fed Beef Liver Capsules are packed with a TON of highly effective vitamins and minerals but we've reduced the liver down to a much more palatable form to consume.

BestVitamin Best Grass-Fed Beef Liver, 180 Capsules

Head to Tail Nutrition

Why choose BestVitamin Best Grass-Fed Beef Liver?

BestVitamin Best Grass-Fed Beef Liver Capsules are packed with a TON of highly effective vitamins and minerals but we've reduced the liver down to a much more palatable form to consume.

Optimize your health with this phenomenal, pure, natural, nutrient-dense SUPER-FOOD.

We Only Use Pure Alberta Beef

Our cattle are pasture-raised in Alberta, home to some of the finest beef in the world. They are Grass-Fed, Undefatted (yup, that's a word), and Grass-Finished to provide you with optimal results. We provide you with 100% Pure Beef Liver and we mean purest of the pure. We have dehydrated it and capsulized it for easier consumption. We never use hormones, GMOs, pesticides, fillers, flow agents, or magnesium stearate (all stuff we wouldn't want to put in our bodies, so why would you?).

Our 100% Pure Beef Liver Capsules really are rockstars because they provide nourishment that only whole food products do.

What makes the liver such an amazing catalyst for health? It's the co-factors, nutrient synergy, and biological activity that the liver activates in your body. Our capsules:

  • Promote healthier teeth, gums, skin, and hair.
  • Support the demands of a high-energy lifestyle and will improve mood.
  • Work to improve your metabolism and keep your methylation cycle (the process that helps us operate both physically and mentally) running smoothly.
  • Promote stronger joints, connective tissue, and healthy collagen to help keep your body in optimal shape, and, as a result, reduce the risk of injury.
  • Promote heart, brain, and liver health.
  • Support a stronger immune system and glutathione status (the body's master antioxidant - to help remove those pesky free radicals in your body).

The Benefits of Several Supplements All-In-One Capsule!

What's in it? Well, beef liver of course. 100% Beef Liver.

The nutritional benefits of beef liver capsules include:

  • They are high in naturally occurring Vitamin A, B12, CoQ10, Choline, Folate, Hyaluronic Acid, and Bio-Available Heme Iron.
  • They provide all of the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, K & E) in highly usable forms, along with meaningful amounts of Copper, Zinc, and Chromium.
  • These capsules really do pack a nutrient punch.
  • Healthy teeth, gums, skin, hair / Dents, gencives, peau, cheveux sains
  • Healthy joints, ligaments & tendons / Articulations, ligaments et tendons sains
  • Heart, brain & liver health / Santé du cœur, du cerveau et du foie
  • Collagen production / Production de collagène
  • Energy metabolism / Le métabolisme énergétique
  • Ideal for ketogenic, paleo, primal, carnivore and other animal-based diets
  • Idéal pour les régimes cétogène, paléo, primal, carnivore et autres régimes à base d'animaux.
Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 6 Vegetable Capsules
Servings per Container: 30
Amount per Capsule
Amount per 6 Capsules
Canadian grass fed, grass finished liver (bovine) Foie canadien nourri à l'herbe, fini à l'herbe (bovin)  500 mg 3,000 mg
* Percent daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet
  † Daily Value not established
Note: Serving Sizes are rounded to the nearest whole serving
Additional Ingredients

Other Ingredients/Autres ingrédients: Collagen (beef gelatin) capsules / Capsules de collagène (gélatine de boeuf)

Dose recommandée: Prendre 6 gélules par jour avec de la nourriture ou selon les directives de votre professionnel de la santé.


Allergy Information

Contains No: Hormones, pesticides, fillers, flow agents, magnesium stearate, gluten, soy, egg, dairy, wheat, corn, sweeteners, artificial colour or preservatives, solvents or alcohol. Non-GMO.

Ne contient pas: Hormones, pesticides, agents de remplissage, agents d'écoulement, stéarate de magnésium, gluten, soja, œuf, produits laitiers, blé, maïs, édulcorants, colorants artificiels ou conservateurs, solvants ou alcool. Sans OGM

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