Why Specialty Proteins Are Hot Right Now, and Are Here to Stay

Why Specialty Proteins Are Hot Right Now, and Are Here to Stay

If you have a unique purpose for the use of your protein supplement, then you may want to consider specialty protein. Specialty protein is often the customized form of protein supplements that extend beyond your basic low carb protein, meal replacement protein, or even weight gainer protein option. As an example, specialty protein now encompasses protein powders that are mixed with oats, coffee protein supplements, and protein powders that include fruit and vegetable powders for added nutrition.

One of the main benefits to a specialty protein powder is that it packs a punch in giving you two benefits in one. Not only are you getting specialty protein, but you are also potentially getting nutrition from added vegetables and fruits, fiber from oats, and even caffeine and antioxidants to enhance your workout from coffee.

As an overview, we will discuss several of the benefits of specialty protein on the market.

1.    Coffee Specialty Protein:

If you are someone who just can't give up your cup of Joe, you truly don't have to even if you are training for a competition or hoping to lose weight! Coffee in moderation has a number of health benefits, including the fact that it is full of antioxidants to neutralize free radical damage in the body and prevent illness. Even better, recent studies have shown that a cup of coffee before a workout has been proven to boost stamina and endurance by up to 15%. When you add that to a healthy specialty protein supplement, you have a combination that can't be beat...

  • Coffee specialty protein offers an easy substitute for sugary and fattening coffee beverages.
  • Coffee specialty protein provides a delicious way to get all of the minerals, vitamins, and specialty protein that you need.
  • Coffee specialty protein will quickly boost a workout with added caffeine and protein.
  • Coffee specialty protein is the ideal way to start your day if you want not only a cup of Joe flavor but protein to keep your energy levels high all day long.
  • The use of coffee in specialty protein will improve alertness and mental focus for the work day, a workout, or any other tasks.
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2.    Oat Specialty Protein

  • Adding oat to a specialty protein blend will work to enhance the power of specialty protein with the addition of fiber. Many athletes sprinkle protein powder over their oatmeal to provide added nutrition, and now you can achieve both of these benefits within one specialty protein blend.
  • Oat specialty protein will work to lower cholesterol and benefit the heart.
  • The addition of oat to specialty protein will also lower blood pressure because it is a whole-grain, and it is recommended to add three servings of oats to the diet on a daily basis.
  • Oat works to control blood sugar, which will keep it at an even level. It is best to have oat in its natural form, which is what you will find in a premium specialty protein powder, instead of eating many of the artificially sweetened oatmeal products on the market.
  • Oat promotes premium digestion, which helps to enhance your diet and fitness performance. If you are hoping to lose weight, then adding oat to your specialty protein will give you the additional fiber you need to continue to cleanse your colon and slim down. Even better, this fiber content will keep you full for a longer period of time coupled with the use of specialty protein for even better weight-loss results!

3.    Fruit and Vegetable Specialty Protein

  • The addition of fruit and vegetable powders to your specialty protein will help strengthen the muscle and tissue within the body. Of course, you are recommended to eat a specific amount of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, and it makes your life even easier by adding them to your protein supplement.
  • Vegetable powder offers a stellar amino acid profile, which is helpful to give you energy throughout the day, enhance your workout, and promote a balanced diet.
  • Fruit and vegetable powder additions to specialty protein supplements will also give you vitamins and minerals you may be lacking in your everyday diet.
  • These additions to specialty protein powder are even more convenient if you don't have the opportunity to purchase and cook a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. This can be the all-in-one source you are looking for to help in exercise and diet goals.
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Easy and convenient specialty protein choices.

The truth of the matter is that these specialty protein hybrids make your life that much easier. They are using advanced formulas and technologies to combine the best of both worlds, so that you no longer have to focus on your extra vegetable intake when the majority of it is already found within your specialty protein supplement. The main benefit offered to many people who are incredibly busy is the time-saving option. If you want a quick cup of coffee and specialty protein source to start your day, then you can use a complete coffee protein supplement to do so and still make it to work on time!

Improve and balance your diet.

If you are someone hoping to improve your diet overall, you can also use these specialty protein supplements to replace unhealthy vices in your life. If you are already addicted to your coffee, you can begin to wean yourself off by using a coffee enhanced supplement as an alternative. The point of the matter is that using a specialty protein supplement is something to balanced nutrition and increase your fitness levels. It is no longer something that has to be a hassle, unpleasant, or a chore for your daily life, especially with all of the newer protein hybrids on the market. Take the opportunity to shop around and find exactly what you are looking for in your own lifestyle. If you are a coffee lover, why not try a coffee enhanced specialty protein supplement? If you are trying to get more green vegetables, then make your life that much easier with vegetable green powder within a protein supplement. Protein is no longer as basic as it once was, and there are a world of opportunities awaiting you in a specialty protein supplement!