Bell Calcium Build-Up #71, 90 Capsules

by Bell

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Bell Calcium Build-Up Testimonials

Calcium Build-Up caused extreme pain in my heart!

For some time arterial plaque in my arteries caused extreme pain in my heart. After starting Bell Calcium Build-Up #71 it worked almost immediately and gave relief of pain in a week. I now take some every day. I am on my 4th bottle. Thankx!

-Randal Bottoms, 53, Victoria, BC

Small lumps of calcium on my fingers around the knuckle area have gone away!

For the last 15-20 years I had those small lumps on my fingers. After taking Bell Calcium–Build-up #71 for one week the lumps were gone. It is reasonable to assume that calcium build-up in other areas in my body, which I cannot see, like arteries and soft organs, has also improved or gone away. This is a good product!

-Mike Ward, 64, Surrey, BC

I was taking a lot of calcium supplements and read about Bell #71!

For the last 10 years I had pain in my back and shoulders. I was on Tylenol, Advil and tons of herbal products. Saw doctors and chiropractors.. It didn’t work. After taking Bell Calcium Build-up #71 before I finished 1 bottle my pain was gone. I didn’t need my cane anymore and could go for exercise walks. #71 really works. Thank you!

-Patrick Nau Dalton, 46, Provo, Utah

Calcium in big toe joints diminished and pain went way!

I had problems with my shoes rubbing the big toes for the last 10 years. After taking Calcium Build-Up #71 the pain went away. It’s a big relief.

-Alexis Maccauley, 49, Fenelon Falls, ON

Pelvis problem and SI joint inflammation!

For many years I had a problem with pain in my pelvis. If I moved the SI joint became inflamed and the surrounding muscles started to contract. I was in bed for one month at a time. Nobody could help. I took anti-inflammatories.. After starting Bell Calcium Build-Up #71 within 1 week I noticed an improvement. Within 2 weeks I was walking again and within 3 weeks I could keep up with my husband, who walks very fast.

-Judy Fama, 52, Peterborough, ON

Frozen shoulder is all gone again!

In the last 2 years my arms and shoulder had frozen badly. I had trouble to shower, scrub my back or comb my hair. All this is gone since I started Bell’s Calcium Build-up #71. Thank you!

-Guadalupe B. Escamilla, 57, Pasadena, TX

Had difficulties getting out of bed and up from chair!

In the last 5 years my hip bothered me for the last 3 years and I had to roll out of bed and then pull myself up. Getting up from a chair was agony. Same walking for more than a block. After starting Bell Calcium Build-up #71 I have no more problem.

-Sarah H. J. Scott, 73, Victoria, BC

TMJ Jaw joint pain, headache, neck pain, ear pain!

For many years I had extreme TMJ pain on my left side of face caused by a sports injury. I have been actively using your Bell Calcium Build-up #71 for 4 months and had substantial relief. I expect to be completely free of pain in a few more months.

-Matt Cutrara, 49, Barrie, ON

Big relief in heel pain!

I have had heel pain, I call spurs, for about 10 years. After taking Bell Calcium Build-Up #71 for about 3 weeks I noticed a big difference in relief.

-Joe Princl, 50, Verner, ON

10% increase in bone density recorded!

A few years ago I was diagnosed with osteopoenia. I had a fractured pelvis, supported with X-rays. I have been taking Bell Calcium Build-up #71 for a year now which helps to direct all calcium intake to go to the bones, where it is needed, and not into soft tissue and organs, where it is not wanted. My new bone density test showed an increase of 10%, which was amazing. I keep on using your #71, as it gave me 100% satisfaction, to avoid calcification of a prolapsed mitral valve. I wrote two letters to the government telling them of the critical importance for me to be able to keep on taking this natural health product in future.

-Diana Lessard, 78, Nepanee, ON

Bell Calcium Build-Up Details

  • Helps reduce calcium build-up (calcification) in arteries, joints, and other soft tissues.
  • With vitamins K2 and D3.
  • Helps in the maintenance of bones and helps to make sure calcium is going to the right areas in the body.*
  • Provides healthy support for all of the body's organs and systems.
  • Provides antioxidants.
  • GMO free.

Calcification (calcium deposits) can occur in the soft tissues of the body, such as heart valves, kidneys, liver, joints, cartilage, muscles, tendons, and many other parts of the anatomy. This is an abnormal occurrence that can be caused by various reasons. There might be a lack of vitamin K, a side effect of blood thinner medications. If there is a lack of dietary calcium, the body may take calcium from the bones to compensate. The body can send calcium to heal areas that have had injury or inflammation, therefore the calcium could deposit there if the system is not in balance. Also, the body’s overall mineral balance could be out of sync.

Bell Calcium Build-Up (product #71) was designed for these problems. With a great combination of natural ingredients, Calcium Build-Up will make sure the calcium in your body is being utilized properly. This formulation also helps in the maintenance of bones. You’ll notice that the formulation covers all of the bases by making sure you have great antioxidant value, good digestion and optimum absorption.

Calcium-Build-Up also provides vitamins and minerals to help make sure your body has the proper balance for efficient function. Vitamin K2 will help to protect the heart and brain while making sure the calcium in the body goes to the bones as it should.

Nutrition Facts


Betaine HCL, Magnesium glycerol phosphate, Vitamin K2 menaquinone-7, Rosehip 4:1, Bioflavonoid, Kidney extract FD, Vitamin D3


Additional Ingredients

Bell Calcium Build-Up supplement augments missing calcium in the system. The problem with calcium is that although we can get it from food sources such as dairy products and vegetables, the amount of calcium our body absorbs tends to be negligible. Blame that on the fact that calcium is a mineral that is a bit difficult to break down. This is why you might need a supplement like Bell Calcium Build-Up that can be readily absorbed by the body. Here are some benefits of this nutrient and supplement:

Bell Calcium Build-Up supports the structure of bones. We know calcium as an indispensable mineral when it comes to bone health. Bone breakdown happens when you are not getting enough calcium. This usually happens as we get older. Women are also more susceptible to this due to significant decrease in estrogen production during post menopausal period. This is why women tend to be more predisposed to diseases like osteoporosis. Using this supplement can help deliver the calcium needed by the bones.

Bell Calcium Build-Up may actually help prevent the usual symptoms of PMS. Some symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome are cramps, abdominal pain, breast tenderness and mood swings. These problems can be prevented with the aid of calcium. When combined with vitamin D, they can help in supporting proper hormonal balance, thereby abating these tell-tale symptoms.

Bell Calcium Build-Up may actually help support the health of the heart. Studies have found out that those people with more calcium in their system are less likely to suffer from heart attack. That is because calcium prevents the hardening of the arteries. This will primarily prevent high blood pressure by ensuring the good flow of blood in the arteries. If you have a history of high blood pressure in your family, loading up more on calcium works wonders in preventing this condition.

Bell Calcium Build-Up can be used to keep the brain strong. Calcium has been proven beneficial in preventing certain brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. You can use this to support memory functions. As you get older, brain health decreases due to constant attack of free radicals. Because calcium also has antioxidative benefits, it can help counteract the effects of free ranging radicals to the brain.

Bell Calcium Build-Up may help in maintaining weight. Keeping your weight normal becomes easier when you have abundant supply of calcium in your body. According to studies, people with lower calcium levels in their body tend to suffer from weight gain. Loading up on calcium will prevent the build up of concentrated calcium in the fat cells which will then prevent the release of parathyroid hormone. This will, in turn, lead to fat breakdown.

Bell Calcium Build-Up boosts your mood and energy. Calcium and vitamin D make a powerful combination. These two nutrients are needed to promote good mood and enhance energy production.

These are the benefits of Bell Calcium Build-Up you need to consider. Use this to ensure that your bones are still in stellar health. They can also help in warding of PMS symptoms. Try this supplement to maintain normal blood pressure. It is also essential in supporting brain health. Keep weight normal with this supplement. If you want something that can help increase mood and energy levels, try Bell Calcium Build-Up.

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