6 Benefits of the Best Casein Protein Powder

6 Benefits of the Best Casein Protein Powder

When it comes to purchasing casein protein powders, almost no two are alike in the benefits and payoffs that they can provide to you in your everyday life. If you are hoping to find a long-lasting protein supplement, then it pays to consider casein protein as your top choice. Casein protein is the protein that is found within milk, and it is actually 80% of the protein content found within cow's milk. The other 20% is made up of whey protein, which is another popular choice in a protein supplement. However, when it comes to the nitty-gritty of it, the two choices are vastly different.

Here is what casein protein has to offer as a supplement for your everyday life:

  • Casein protein is slow digesting. The reason that this is highly important is because casein protein will form a gel like substance within your stomach, which will work to steadily release amino acids throughout the day after you have taken the casein protein. This will provide you with peak casein protein synthesis and amino acid content within your body up to four hours after taking casein protein. However, the total benefits of all of the amino acids released by casein protein can last for up to seven hours, which is highly impressive! When you compare casein protein to whey protein, casein protein provides the peak benefit to the body in casein protein synthesis and amino acids around 45 minutes after taking it. If you are hoping for long-lasting results, casein protein will give you your money's worth and more!


  • You can take casein protein before you go to bed. In fact, especially compared to whey protein, casein protein should be the only protein supplement you take before hitting the hay! The reason behind this is because your body needs to be able to sleep for up to eight hours without any food at all. If you want to protect your muscle mass from being broken down as you sleep, then a slow releasing protein supplement like casein protein is perfect to take before bed. Whey protein supplements will provide absolutely no benefit in this respect because they will be absorbed by the body within only an hour of use. Bottom line, casein protein is longer-lasting, and casein protein will provide you with the most benefit to your body overnight.


  • Casein protein prevents muscle breakdown. If you are an athlete or competitive bodybuilder training and hoping to increase your muscle mass, then this is absolutely the best choice in a daily casein protein supplement. Since casein protein is slow digesting, casein protein will release amino acids and casein proteins throughout the day to prevent the breakdown of muscle for up to seven hours at a time. Again, casein protein is something used on a nightly basis by those training because sleep is the time for maximum muscle rebuilding and repair. If you want to take your training and fitness results to the next level, then casein protein should be taken every night to restore and rejuvenate the body while you sleep. It doesn't get any easier than that!


  • Casein protein offers a positive balance of casein protein in the body. Yes, casein protein does break down and absorb slower, steadily releasing amino acids into the body. Whey provides short-lived results in protein synthesis in the body, while casein protein offers slower results. When you measure the net results of the body after intaking casein protein, the casein protein balance will be positive instead of negative over a seven hour period. This means that casein protein provides long-lasting effects with the use of slower absorption into the bloodstream.
  • Try Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein Protein or Iso-Stack Casein Protein for slow casein protein release.

Overall, casein protein provides serious benefits to the body if you are hoping to gain weight, build muscle, and build your strength overall. This is a protein that can be taken on a nightly basis to provide long-lasting benefits in muscle repair while you sleep. The important thing to remember when purchasing your casein protein supplement is what type of ingredients are within the product. Casein protein supplements are becoming highly popular with athletes, so many companies on the market may try to make their products look like they contain more casein protein than they actually do.

Read your labels carefully.

The best way to go about purchasing your product is to read the label carefully and do your research. If you are looking for casein, it is important that it comes from less sources overall. As an example, if the casein protein product that you are considering has protein from only two sources, then it will probably contain more casein as a whole. This is compared to other products that may contain multiple protein sources, thus diluting how much actual casein protein is within the supplement.
Build long-lasting muscle mass.

The truth of the matter is that only actual casein protein can build long-lasting muscle mass. It is recommended to have at least 1 g of casein protein per pound of lean muscle mass in your body. This is something that may need to be increased if you are training for a competition or are an athlete, and exact recommendations can often be made to you from your personal trainer or nutritional expert. In addition to casein protein, make sure that you are eating several small meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism high. This will allow you to spread out your calories throughout the day and perpetuate healthy weight gain in the building of muscle mass.
Stay hydrated!

With all of these tweaks to your diet and exercise program, it is important to stay as hydrated as possible, especially since your body is made of 75% water. This diet and exercise program will be your key to success, and it will also help you to maximize the results that you are getting from your casein protein supplement. If you are an athlete or training for competition, it is recommended to drink up to a gallon of water a day, which will highly enhance your workout and muscle building results. With the use of casein protein before going to bed, you will see impressive results from your money well spent on your casein protein supplement!