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Zenbev is a Canadian company based in Ontario that was founded by a Psychiatrist Criag Hudson who was stuck on the number of people complaining about sleep issues and wishing to escape the dependency on sleep medications. Craig soon came to realize the huge benefits of tryptophan in helping with insomnia, anxiety, depression and chronic paid and in 2004 after years of research developed Zenbev which is an organic powdered mix that combines strategic protein (from pumpkin seeds) with a carhobydrate (dextrose) to deliver a whole food source of tryptophan efficiently to the brain.

Once tryptophan is in the brain it responds to the available light. In daytime conditions tryptophan naturally metabolizes to serotonin which lowers anxiety. In darkness tryptophan metabolizes to serotonin and then to melatonin, allowing the brain to produce its own sleep hormone.

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#1 Zenbev (Certified Organic)
Zenbev (Certified Organic)
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Zenbev (Certified Organic), 250g Zenbev (Certified Organic), 750g Zenbev Sleep Mask Kit, 1 Kit

Vitamart Price:  $34.97

Vitamart Price:  $84.97

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