Turbo Shake - Sublime Series, 800ml

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Turbo Shaker - Sublime Series Details

Turbo Shake - Sublime Series, 800ml

The 28oz Turbo Shaker Sublime series with its patented “fin technology” mixes better than any other shaker…and faster, too! It is easy to clean, extremely lightweight and available in a variety of colors. With its leak-proof screw top lid, drinking spout with rubber stopper and the patented “fin technology”, there is no better shaker available!
The Turbo Shaker’s patented fins are located on the bottom of the shaker and on its lid. These molded “fins” allow you to mix contents thoroughly and evenly, producing a consistency similar to an electric blender!
Utilizing a space age polymer coating on the inside of the shaker, even clean up is easier than any other shaker. Simply rinse and put in your dishwasher or hand wash.
The Turbo Shaker has no loose parts, no compartments, no balls, no screens, no extra gadgets, nothing that you could lose or misplace…It is Simple by Design!
The Turbo Shaker weighs only 3oz, so you can throw it in your gym bag, put it in an overnight bag, bring it to work, or even to a party. The Turbo Shaker fits nicely in your cup holder and has a capacity of 28oz, making it the perfect travel companion.
Why is Fin Technology Better?

The Turbo Shaker is the best solution for quickly and thoroughly mixing everything from drinks to sauces. So, just how does it compare to other mixing alternatives?

Turbo Shake - Sublime Series, 800ml

Compare to Blending

Blenders are wonderful for powerfully blending many concoctions. And even if you do manage to mix your protein shake without making a mess, you still have the cleanup with which to deal.

The Turbo Shaker bottle is not only easy to use, the snap-tight lid prevents messy accidents. Plus, the BPA-free materials of the Turbo Shaker bottle make clean-up a breeze! Simply soap, shake and drain.

Turbo Shake - Sublime Series, 800ml

Compare to Wire Balls


Yes, we’ve heard from many of our customers that they bought the Turbo Shaker bottle because they lost the little wire ball that comes with other shaker cups. Now, we think the ball is a fairly neat idea, but, naturally, we prefer the fins.

The Turbo Shaker bottle has no loose parts, no extra gadgets, nothing that you could easily lose or misplace. Plus, the fin technology of the Turbo Shaker bottle does a better job mixing, more quickly.

Nutrition Facts

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