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What Makes Terry Naturally Turmeric So Special?



Hi, I’m Terry Lemerond, founder and president of Terry Naturally products. I’ve been involved in the natural health industry for over 45 years, during which time I’ve developed over 400 nutritional and botanical formulations that continue to be top selling products on the market today.
The path to get to where I am today wasn’t easy. Earlier in my life, I was addicted to sugar and extremely overweight, plus I had bad skin, chronic headaches, depression, and a terrible temper. Poor decisions were affecting more than my health though. I came to a crossroad in my life…I had to either join the Marine Corps or I would end up in jail. I chose the Marine Corps.
In the military, I met the right people who were interested in good health. A Captain mentored me in weight lifting and exercise and introduced me to my first health food store in Oceanside, California. Later, back in Green Bay, my interest in natural health led me to work in a health food store, which eventually became my first business.
Now I work every day to be able to offer you quality products that are backed by scientific research. It has been a special gift in my life to do work that has a positive impact on people’s health.
It is an honor to put my name on them and I’m proud to give them to my family and friend







BCM-95 Curcumin is clinically studied and absorbs up to 10 times better than standard curcumin extracts. Melatonin helps set your natural time keeping and sleep cycle - and is especially important for travelers shift workers, or anyone with occasional sleeplessness. CuraPro® Optimum is better absorbed than plain curcumin, and has a sustained retention time at significant levels in the bloodstream. This high-potency formula featuring clinically studied BCM-95® Curcumin, yields a minimum of 559 mg of curcuminoids. Boswellia works through unique pathways in the body. BosMed 500 features an advanced form of boswellia that can support your health in ways that many other forms of boswellia cannot.  Up to 10 times more AKBA than unstandardized boswellia. The turmeric source of the clinically studied curcumin in CuraPro is grown in northeast India without the use of pesticides or chemicals.  The crops are sustainably tended by independent, local farmers who are paid reasonable and competitive prices. Terry Naturally Bee Propolis is a nutrient-packed compound gathered from trees and other plants by bees for hive repair and defense.  It has long been recognized for it’s benefits. In fact, its very name means “defender of the city” in Greek.
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