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St. Francis Herb Farm: It’s a Good Thing that Some Things Never Change!


In an ever more hectic world, it’s a good thing that some things never change: especially good things. Here at St. Francis Herb Farm® Inc., we are strict believers in the principles and timeless truths of “herbal wisdom”. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing natural remedies made from the finest quality herbs—herbs carefully harvested and processed in accordance with the practices of sustainable agriculture.


Providing Customers with "Quality - Conscientiously Achieved"


They always strive to formulate herbal remedies of the utmost quality and integrity—remedies rooted in the traditions of herbal folklore and supported by the latest scientific research and medical findings. For people from all walks of life, from health-care professionals to everyday folk, this attention to quality makes St. Francis Herb Farm® far and away from the company of choice when it comes to herbal products. The College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto calls on them to supply most of the herbal tinctures they use—a ringing endorsement of the high quality and effectiveness of our products.


The Source of Their Herbs


All of their growers and suppliers are expected to meet rigorous criteria. These cover harvesting techniques, proper plant species and parts, soil conditions, and drying and storage procedures. Herbs from new and unproven sources are sampled first, examined for their proper species identification, composition, texture, colour, aroma, and tested for a range of possible contaminants.

St. Francis Herb Farm® uses only whole herb—fresh or carefully dried—identified and processed according to the most rigid GMP standards. Top-quality ingredients make for top-quality products.



Cold Percolation: Setting The Standard Yet Again!


They employ a specialized extraction process called cold percolation. This high-quality extraction process ensures that none of the vitality and potency of the pure plant materials we receive from our growers and suppliers is compromised in any way. Cold percolation avoids the application of heat or concentrations to delicate plant tissues. This preserves the medicinal integrity of the whole herb.