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RIVALUS (pronounced rival us) was founded by Dr. Darren Burke. He is a former elite athlete, world-renowned scientist, and innovative product development expert. As a university student, Dr. Burke was a nationally ranked athlete that experimented with supplements to support the rigors of his training. At that time supplements were designed for bodybuilders with no safe options for competitive athletes in drug tested sports. Following 10 years of university study and 15 years of academic research on supplements, Dr. Burke created the 1st supplement line specifically built for Professional and Olympic Athletes. There have been many others to follow the changes Dr. Burke and RIVALUS have started in the sport nutrition industry; however, no others can rival us. RIVALUS continues to develop cutting edge, innovative products built safe and effective for Professional and Olympic Athletes.

There are many good sport nutrition products on the market today but only a small number have actually been tested in a "true" human subject experiment using accepted scientific practices. Often times products are labeled or advertised as “Scientifically Tested” or “Clinically Proven” when in reality only isolated ingredients from the formula have been studied and usually in a different species such as a mouse.

There are also agencies offering services that will "independently" test supplements for a fee to confirm if the ingredients inside the bottle actually match the label. This is a good first step in improving this industry for consumers; however, this only determines if the product sample as shipped to the testing facility actually matches the label and does nothing to confirm if when ingested by a human is actually "Safe" or if there is any validity to the claims of performance or "Effectiveness" as indicated by the company in its advertising. Remember, this is only a test of the one bottle sent by the paying company to see if the label matches the ingredients. It is not a random sample of the product sitting on shelf. Products being sold with the same label might be very different than the one bottle sent for label verification.

It is important to understand the products, research the company selling the products you like, confirm the “science” claims being made by the company, and ask questions. Dr. Burke is an athlete and a scientist, so he created RIVALUS so that athletes, coaches and parents could have the peace of mind they were seeking in selecting cutting edge supplements to improve their performance.

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#1 Rivalus Promasil
Rivalus Promasil
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Rivalus Clean Gainer, 5lb Rivalus Complx5, Caffeine Free Pre-Workout, 270g Rivalus Naturally Flavoured Promasil, 2lb Rivalus Powder Burn 2.0, Pre-Workout, 403g - 35 Servings Rivalus Promasil , 2lb

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Rivalus Promasil , 5lb Rivalus Steam, Intra-Workout

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