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Renew Life

Renew Life The Skinny Gut Diet by Brenda Watson

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Renew Life The Skinny Gut Diet Details

Discover The Secret To Successful Weight Loss

You lose weight… and gain it back. Carb and sugar cravings are a constant battle. What are you doing wrong? The answer is closer than you think. The Skinny Gut Diet uncovers the real reason why diets just don’t work. It’s called the gut factor—and it may be keeping you from lasting weight loss.

Ready to change your weight loss fate for good? The Skinny Gut Diet reveals the missing piece of the puzzle—the secret to losing weight and keeping it off that Brenda calls the gut factor. Peek inside the book today and discover how living a Skinny Gut lifestyle can help you absorb fewer calories from food, curb cravings and store less fat—all with the benefits of improved digestion, a stronger immune system and even a better mood.

Introduction to The Skinny Gut Diet by Brenda Watson

The Gut Factor—What Stands Between You and Your Skinny Jeans?

What would you say if I told you that you have an inner weight loss secret waiting to be revealed? What if you knew that you are only partially responsible for being overweight, and that even if you do everything you can to get healthy and lose your belly, you won’t achieve lasting weight loss if you don’t address this one factor? What if you knew that by addressing this factor, not only would you finally lose weight—and keep it off—but you would also experience the side benefits of fewer digestive problems, a stronger immune system, and even a better mood?

You have likely tried a number of diets by now, losing weight each time only to gain it back—and then some. You have reduced fat, reduced sugar, reduced carbohydrates, and certainly reduced the flavor of your meals. You have counted calories, counted inches, counted pounds, and counted on each diet being the last one you’ll ever try. You have eaten mindfully, eaten organically, eaten locally, and eaten your way through more diet books than you care to admit.

But I’m willing to bet that you have not taken into account your inner weight loss secret. If you knew that you had within you one thing that could change your weight loss fate for good—and that scientific research could prove it—would you be interested? I’m here to tell you that your inner weight loss secret lies within your digestive tract. I call it the gut factor.

Inside your digestive tract are trillions of bacteria that play a crucial role in not only your digestive and immune health, but also your overall health—and most notably, your weight. Each of us has a unique balance of bacteria that either protects us and keeps us healthy or leaves us susceptible to disease. That same balance can either contribute to weight gain or to weight loss. When your gut bacteria are out of balance, you gain weight. Conversely, when you balance your gut by eating the right foods (and by avoiding the wrong foods) you lose weight, reduce cravings, ditch digestive upsets, boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and feel great.

At the heart of digestive balance we find good bacteria—the beneficial microbes found in a healthy digestive tract that work in myriad ways to keep you healthy. By eating living foods—those foods that contain good bacteria (also called probiotics) and foods that feed these bacteria in your gut—you will balance your gut and finally be able to achieve the lasting weight loss you have been seeking.

There are two main groups (phyla) of bacteria in the gut:

  • Bacteroidetes (pronounced BAC-ter-OY-deh-tees)
  • Firmicutes (fir-MIH-cue-tees)

Don’t worry—I don’t expect you to remember these long names. Instead, let’s call them “Fat bacteria” (Firmicutes) and “Be skinny” bacteria (Bacteroidetes). Your ratio of these two groups determines whether or not you will be more likely to gain weight. The Firmicutes bacteria are better able to extract calories from food and cause you to accumulate fat than the Bacteroidetes. Simply put, you want to increase the Bacteroidetes and decrease the Firmicutes in your gut for weight loss.

There are also two smaller groups (genera) of bacteria that are beneficial to your overall health:

  • Bifidobacterium
  • Lactobacillus

Bifidobacteria are acquired during infancy and by eating certain foods throughout life. They are found in highest amounts in a healthy colon, or large intestine, and protect us against infection, boost our immune function, help keep us regular, and produce certain vitamins and nutrients. Lactobacilli are obtained during birth and also by eating particular foods. They are found throughout the digestive tract, but are particularly associated with the health of the small intestine. Lactobacillus bacteria help our immune and digestive systems function well, and they are also found in the vaginal tract where they establish bacterial balance by producing lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide to maintain a healthy pH level there. Both Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli protect us against an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria in the intestine. In effect, they “crowd out” the bad bacteria in our guts, promoting gut balance.

All of these beneficial bacteria—Bifidobacteria, Lactobacilli, and many bacteria from the Bacteroidetes group—can be increased in your gut by eating foods that feed these bacteria while starving the bad bacteria. The result will be a gut balance that helps you lose weight and stay healthy. I wrote this book to help spread the word about this inner weight loss secret because I have seen so many people achieve vibrant health and optimal weight by balancing their guts. I don’t want it to be a secret anymore. You see, digestive health is the foundation for total-body health. If you don’t address weight gain at its core—at the gut level—then you can’t lose weight and expect to keep it off.

Why are weight loss goals so difficult to achieve? The answer is simple. Current diet programs do not address the underlying contributor to your weight gain: the gut factor. Gut imbalance contributes to a wide range of digestive conditions. And unfortunately, digestive health is often overlooked. Instead of paying attention to digestive disruptions, we tend to cover our symptoms with medications such as acid-blockers and antacids, antibiotics, immune-suppressors, anti-inflammatories, and laxatives. These medications merely act to silence symptoms that indicate something is not quite right. Silencing your symptoms does not address the cause of your symptoms, however. This is a fundamental problem of conventional medicine.

I propose a different model. Instead of covering up your digestive symptoms with medications laden with side effects (many of which actually further digestive damage rather than fix the real problem), why not dig deeper? Why not uncover the true foundational digestive imbalances that, when resolved, eliminate the need for such treatments in the first place?

What if, by balancing your gut bacteria with the right foods, supplements, and lifestyle, you might be able to finally drop the weight that has burdened you for so long? Could the answer really lie within you? Could the bacteria you house within your gut have the power to turn your health around for the better? It sure can. And I will show you how.

The Skinny Gut Diet is a lifestyle that will transform your health by giving you the tools to eat well for your gut so that you can finally lose weight and feel great. You will learn how to eat foods that nourish you and the population of beneficial bacteria within you. You will discover the three simple rules that make eating healthy easy and delicious. A two-week menu planner will guide your meal decisions and give you inspiration to adapt the diet to your own preferences. Appealing, easy-to-prepare recipes will help you eat for your gut on a regular basis. A simple supplementation guide will help you round out your diet to keep you nourished from the inside out, and a rescue kit will help you navigate in the world with your new eating habits.

If you have been battling weight gain for years, you have likely tried it all—you name it: diet, exercise, medications, diet pills and drinks, techniques, and therapies. Yet the end result is always the same—you fail to lose much weight or if you do lose weight, you gain it back. Each time you fall into the same old patterns that leave you unhappy and still trying to squeeze into your jeans. If you are overweight and unsatisfied, I want you to look at your health from a different angle. Consider that the traditional methods to weight loss are missing an important piece of the puzzle.

By traveling back to the source of your overall health and addressing imbalances in your gut, you fundamentally change the downstream effects that have kept you overweight and unhappy for so long. This book will give you the tools you need to finally shed unwanted weight—both physical pounds and the weight of unhappiness. I will reveal how the digestive system is the true source of health and I’ll help you put into action the simple steps to balance your gut to achieve your ideal weight and feel your best.

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This book will give you the tools you need to finally shed unwanted weight - both of physical pounds and of unhappiness. [Brenda Watson] will reveal how the digestive system is the true source of health, and [she'll] help you put into action the simple steps to balance your gut to achieve your ideal weight and feel your best

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